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Published: 19 March 2020

Posted by: Charlene Young

I am disillusion with Schewel and with Michael Heise who I was told to talk to. I bought a mattress named Jacqueline back supporter by Spring Air It Was 1, 357.98 Half price that day. I told them I had a bad back and they recommend this mattress. The first day My back went out. I could not hardly walk.The second day same thing but worse.We also bought a roll top desk for 1, 018.48 they bought it and the parts were missing .The slide to the key board tray. So we cant use the key board.So we had to go in there and ask has the part came in after weeks of buying it just to hear the part was not available. he would have to get a hold of the representative. If the company cant do something what is the representative going to do? Why can”t they bring a new Desk out. So far I am not impressed with Schewels. They will not take back the mattress and we had to buy a mattress pad to cover the mattress I had to buy for 109.00 or it would void the warranty. Total spend 3, 460.96 and they do not back up there Furniture. I was told I would have to keep the mattress once delivery they can”t take it back. SO BUYER BEWARE!!! I bought lots of furniture and never had a problem years ago. But now don”t ask me maybe they have new managment . I wont be buying nothing from them again! Money does not come easy today and now I”m sleeping on my couch.I cant even sleep in my bed. Pretty bad when your couch is better to sleep on then your mattress. and I have a roll top desk that”s missing parts too. I can”t believe the service you get today. You spend good hard money to get what? A company that”s been in business for I think they say a hundred years. Well I bet with this service they won”t be in business another 100 years.Moneys hard to come buy now a days.I am sure they have felt it.Well maybe not. they just build that new building. maybe the owners don”t know what it feels like to have to save and when you buy a big purchase like a mattress and desk.It is a big deal to spend that much money on something. When you could of spend it on better things like food, Gas. everything is going up except your paycheck and they won”t back up there products. Shame! Shame on you Schwels. Charlene Young Martinsburg WV

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