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The 5-star reviews are totally fake and dont fall for them!

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Published: 05 May 2019

Posted by: William

Schlicher Orthodontics are the worst for BRACES and INVISALIGN! I came here for my 15-year old daughter. She had a little misalignment in her teeth and I knew that some simple braces can get the job done pretty quickly. I found Schlicher Orthodontics from their website online, they had some exceptional testimonials on their website however, there were no backlinks for those testimonials which made me sceptical about their authenticity, but almost every business buys fake reviews these days, so I ignored it and booked an appointment anyway (this was my WORST MISTAKE, I should have realized that this place was dangerous and low quality early on). The doctor at the clinic was very rude and he didn’t reply to any of our questions without giving sarcastic remarks. He did the checkup and told us that it would be better if I get my daughter an Invisalign instead of the braces, as they were “more effective” and not very expensive. I am not the richest person alive and I couldn’t have afforded an Invisalign at that time so I asked the doctor to stick with braces instead. The facial expression of the doc changed as soon as I told him this, he smirked while saying,” Alright, alright, I understand, but I can’t guarantee the results with the braces.” Then I walked out of the room. This appointment was one of the weirdest dentist experience I have ever had, no dentist behaved as rudely and impolitely as him, moreover he was trying to convince me to buy Invisalign which is the most expensive teeth alignment tool out there. Soon after my daughter got her braces from the clinic, I started on with my normal routine, however, one day she told me that she was feeling itching and burning sensation on her gums, I called Schlicher Orthodontics and got the earliest appointment possible. There the doctor told us that there is nothing wrong and she was just experiencing nothing new, he even implied that my daughter was faking the pain to avoid studies! I was very disappointed with Schlicher Orthodontics and was not satisfied with the doc’s answer, so I went to another clinic where the doctor told me that the braces that my daughter has been wearing have low quality medical glue which has caused an infection on her gums! He asked me if I tried to make DIY braces because the braces were so badly shaped and made from such low-quality materials! My daughter is now going through the treatment and I will get her some new braces from a DIFFERENT and BETTER ortho clinic this time. I would advise everyone to STAY AWAY from Schlicher Orthodontics if they want to have a good smile. And please keep your kids away from these low scums, they lie to your face just to make some extra cash. I’m 100% sure that their 5-star reviews are totally fake and you shouldn’t fall for them.

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