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Published: 10 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Isaac (Brand Name Bargains, LLC.)” I was contacted by them after my “pallets of junk” had arrived and I was insensed. I told him he should be ashamed to contact me and ask if I wanted more Home Depot garbage. I have pictures I would like to attach of one of the pallets in particular. The percentage of new in box is not even close to what was discussed. There was one grill out 20 that was sent completely new and even that was missing a grill top. All the rest are smashed / dented and used for years. There was an inch of ashes in the bottom of the “grill pallet. The majority the Husky ratchets did not work. That is why they were returned The grills have been used for YEARS and I resent taking their garbage and paying for it and putting them in my dumpsters. Locks and door handles: Most locks are missing keys or the keys that are included are for a lock that I dont have. 6 mikita screw-guns were new in box. EVERYTHING ELSE HAS BEEN USED and not working. I am glad I took pics. I think I have pics of the countless weed whackers with seized engines, no heads, no covers and non working. I spent 12,000 for product that I was told came directly from Home Depot. That shipment belongs in the Staten Island Land fill.

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