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Published: 05 January 2019

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I contracted a shipper in the UK to move me from the UK to the USA. My contract with the shipping company Anglo Pacific was to move 2 containers and deliver in January 2015, with a possible storage locally to where I would be living. I got and email 4 weeks later in early December to say my belongings were clearing customs and they needed me to advise delivery! but the company who contacted me were not my shippers they had outsourced my shipment to a different company. At no time did I know that my international shippers were not actually international. The outsource company was Schumacher Cargo Logistics. Now I will point out at this point that is was not Scumachets fault that my shipment arrived early it was my shipper in UK, Anglo Pacific. I told my shipper that they needed to sort this matter out as I was not in the USA until January and that I do not expect any extra charges for them storing the containers for a month. I am then told that the containers have to be unloaded! I said I do not five anyone permission to open the containers as for one I had paid in excess of £5000 insurance whilst my goods were in these containers. So without consent the containers were opened and stored! I was then told I would have to pay handling costs to the tune of $1200 to unload the 2 containers And that Schumachers would send me an invoice. I also knew that I would have to pay storage fees but was not told what these charges would be. I got an invoice for $1000 at the end of January, which I paid. I then asked for my belongings to be delivered in early February, I had an email back from an operations co-ordinator Rebekah Taylor stating that I had $2175 in outstanding charges to be paid, I was a tad taken to say the least. I emailed back to ask what these charges are for, and was told that I had been advised and sent invoices for these charges! I had not and this was the first I had been advised of any further charges. At this point I had paid in the region of £20,000 sterling for shipment and insurance! this was the beginning of email and phone message frenzy! I was then sent 2 invoices but they were dated early February the day I asked for my shipment to be delivered, so obviously they can not have been sent to me prior to that date. I but the invoices were for a total of $3,175. I told them I had already paid an invoice, and was told they had no knowledge of it! I asked for the invoices they had sent to be justified as they did not actually state what the costs were for. They sent me copies of December invoices for demmurage fees, I asked for details of these demmurage fees, as they still do not tell me what they are for! Some of the costs were for storage in January and as I had asked for delivery of items for Friday 13th February whilst making the January storage payment I paid 50% of the Feburary storage fee. So I have to date paid them an extra $2,400 i asked for copies of the invoices for storage and handling fees, but have not been sent them, all I keep getting is the December costs. I contacted my shipper who is the company I have my contract with and they have told me that the pricing is correct and that I had been sent emails confirming these prices. I asked for copies of these emails….. Still not had them, I fact Anglo Pacific stopped contacting me, said the matter had been passed to management, but the management are failing to contact me, so I have been sending all copy emails to my original handler. I have telephoned the shipping company several times and left messages but to date no one from Amglo Pacofic have returned my calls, I have a contract that ayes delivery in Jamuary 2015 not December 2014, so I should not be responsible for these extra charges. The handler at Schumachers then send me an email to say they would be delivering my belonging on Tuesday 18th February, and that Feburary storage charges prorate would be sent to me, I advised her that I had already made the payment for Feburary, and then she said unless I pay the February charges they would not deliver my items! Derrrrr, I have already paid them! So I had sent addresses for delivery and as i have some very heavy pieces arranged in London to have 3 items dropped at a different address so that heavy lifting equipment could take the items off! Rebekah then said that the contract states that no split delivery had been organised and that I would have to pay… You guessed more charges. But then I have now been told that I will not get my delivery of my belongings until my account is at zero! I do not have an account with Scumachers, they are not my shippers, I have no contract with them, yet they have all my belongings, i don’t know where they have my belongings as they won’t tell me! I have paid them $2,400 already in extra charges, and am literally been blackmailed into pay charge after charge to get my belongings back! I just can’t deal with them anymore! i owed them nothing! My shippers are the ones responsible for the December payments and I have stated over and over again that they need to sort this matter with them. I can see not other alternative now than to start legal proceedings against the UK company, and then I suppose Schumachers by association! I don’t know yet as they are not my shipper! But am now getting advise on if they are literally by federal law blackmailing me, or if what they are doing is considered theft! But one thing for sure, I have my whole life in storage somewhere in the USA being blackmailed by Schumacher Cargo Logiatics in to paying charges I had never been informed about, my shippers are not supporting me even though they are the people that I have a contract with! Be very very careful people when considering shipping internationally, who you use and what you are amd are not paying for. I would not recommend Schumacher Cargo Logistis or Anglo Pacific International Movers to anyone, what they are doing to my family amd me is discussing and disgraceful being that I have paid in excess of $30,000 already. .

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