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Published: 05 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I paid for a course in computer service and repair at Scioto County Career Technical Center. The director of this program told me that anyone could learn this class, even if they never had any computer training. This identified me. I took A+ first and received a 3.7 GPA. The instructors, Justin Tackett, Richard Culver, and the director of the program – Jeff Love all had the class study brain dumps to pass our State Certification Exams for the Pearson Vue tests. I practiced 280 practice questions and knew them by heart, but I explained to the instructors that I did not understand why the answers were what they were. The instructors told me not to worry, that everyone that has went through this program and did this good in class and did that good on their brain dumps have always passed. I felt so confident that I scheduled both the 801 and the 802 Exams for the same day, 4/01/2014. I first read the sign off sheet before taking the tests which stated that anyone found to be using brain dumps to take the test would automatically have their tests disqualified, and anyone found to have received their Certifications by using brain dumps would have them invalidated. This means they were illegal to use and this is how the school is passing their students. I took the exams and failed miserably. I then informed my instructors what happened and they told me that I probably got ahold of some bad brain dumps and they would help me find some good ones to use. Justin Tackett then had one of the other students, Andy, look up some better brain dumps to use. The brain dumps that Andy looked up cost money, so Andy, Matt, Tim, Justin Tackett, and Myself all went in together to purchase them. We used my bank card to get them. These brain dumps gave us 30 days of unlimited downloads. We then bought another 30 days worth after the first 30 days had expired. Andy was the first one out of us five that took his State Certification test at the Scioto County Career Technical Center. Andy passed his test, and Justin Tackett went next. Justin Tackett also passed his test. I then told both Tim and Matt that I did not spend my money and time to take this course and have to break the law and not know how to use computers. I told them that I was going to file a class action lawsuit since none of us had used brain dumps, after we found out they were illegal. I got into a argument with Jeff Love on Monday, 6/30/2014 about these brain dumps being illegal, and he responded that they were not brain dumps, they were video helps. This was the first time that I heard them called by that name. I was then kicked out of School. My grades are 3.7 in A+, 3.7 in server, and I am currently receiving a 93 percent overall in class. Justin Tackett downloaded those brain dumps on flash drives for all of us to use and I have those copies for you to examine so that you can determine if they are video helps or brain dumps. Further, everyone that has passed their State Certifications since I have been thare has used brain dumps. To make matters worse, Justin Tackett and Andy both have tried to get me to go to a secret web site to purchase illegal drugs at good prices. This class has been nothing but one big discussion on drug use, chess playing, and BS Talking. There is Video Surveilance in all of this building, and it is obvious by looking at these tapes that I have no idea of what I am doing in class. These grades are a gift from the School to continue receiving accreditation action and giving the impression that they are teaching. I am so disappointed because it was not the money that made education impossible, it was the time and being able to pay my bills while attending School. I have been hurt beyond words or compensation. Please look into this so that no other poor students have to suffer as we have. Thank you, very sincere.

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