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Published: 27 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Scot Katz, You are a cry baby. You keep calling me a liar and a thief just like you accuse all your other complaining customers. Instead of standing up like a man and facing your problems with customer complaint you run and hide like a little coward. To be more specific you finagle the ebay and paypal system to get what you want. And I will give you one thing, apparently your years of experience doing so has made your tactics a partial success. But these types of things always catch up to you in the end pal. You keep going on and on about the ebay offer system and you ignore the simple fact that: You agreed to sell me a product for a specific price and RENEGED. Nothing else matters. So keep it up. You can make all the accusations you want, and nothing is going to change the fact that after I made the complaint, you agreed to honor the agreed upon price by refunding the difference after I left you feedback(which is extortio and despite the fact that you had already lied by stating paypal makes it impossible to partially refund) . I left you the feedback you deserved and you ran and cried to ebay until they removed it. Good for you crybaby! Did you refund as agreed? No. For a second time you reneged on something you explicitely agreed to in writing. So as I told you previously. You can place the microphone right back up where all the other filth that comes out your little sewer of business. Check out your own feedback. Interesting that you have so many “Liars” “Jerks” and “Thieves” for customers. I find that fascinating. Any one with a half a brain can see the only lair here is the Scit Scat Scammer himself. Scott Katz .

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