Hidden charges with NO REFUND!!!

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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: anonymous

I signed up for ScoreSense to get my credit score details for $1. However, after one week they charged my account for $29.95. I contacted their customer service and asked them to immediately give me back my money. The CSR told me that she would submit my request and I wouldn’t face any problems. She said that she could give me a bonus of 60 days access free of cost. But all I wanted was a simple refund for the service I didn’t need. Shortly after the phone call, I received an email stating that my account’s membership will continue after 60 days. This was a frustrating thing to see, I clearly told the company to cancel my membership, instead, they added another 30 days on it. I called them back to clarify the whole situation again. I told them that I wanted to cancel and I was not interested in their services. The guy on the other end told me that he would be happy to process my refund and I would get my money back soon. He also said that he would contact me in a couple of days regarding the refund.

The very next day I got an email from the company which denied my refund. It claimed that they couldn’t give me the refund because their trial period has already passed. But that is totally absurd because I contacted them the same day I was charged, I just can’t understand what the hell is wrong with this company.

I haven’t seen such freaks anywhere else. They didn’t give me my refund and the customer service was nothing but pathetic. I will never recommend anyone to use ScoreSense, unless they want to throw away their money and want to taste frustration at its best. If they dare to charge me again for some shitty reason I’m just going to take them to court. I am shocked to see such an agency steal money from people. I am not the richest guy on the planet, I value my money, but it seems ScoreSense doesn’t give a damn about that. Please stay away from ScoreSense if you want a stable financial life.

They have hundreds of complaint on as well. Many people have suffered because of this agency. They take money from people’s account without their permission and didn’t refund it.

Such agencies and companies shouldn’t be allowed to operate the way they do. Some justice should be served otherwise these guys will never stop. Why are such companies operating without any problems? Shouldn’t they be put to justice? Is it ethical to steal money from someone without their permission and not even refund it? All these questions arise when we talk about scammers like ScoreSense. The Federal Trade Commission warns people and spreads awareness about these frauds who claim to be “free” credit companies. They are operating without any problems because no one stands up against them, however, someone will have to come forward and take action.

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