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Published: 09 September 2018

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The tampa scorpions hockey organization made news recently because two of their teams made it to the national championships and won their age divisions. News stories of these teams makes ralph sowder look like he’s a great coach and hockey director but ralph sowder and doug winslow run an organization that truly doesn’t care about families and players. Doug winslow is a very unpopular person in the hockey world because he is known for his outbursts at parents, players and even hockey officials. He has been thrown out of hockey rinks, most recently in canada this last season, for abusing hockey officials verbally to the point where the entire rink can hear him shouting. He is a shameful representative of the game of hockey and runs the scorpions organization only for his own benefit and his kids. Ralph sowder and doug winslow are allegedly board members of the 501C)3 organization called southern education youth hockey foundation Seyf). Supposedly the scorpions and seyf are one in the same but according to the state of florida’s website there is no record of the foundation being named the “scorpions youth hockey organization” or anything similar. Be aware of these scorpions or you will get bit! they ask for checks to be made out to seyf only. Why? What are you hiding doug winslow? When parents pay you cash for tournaments and dues, do you deposit that money in your seyf account to avoid paying taxes on it? .

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