Scott H. Froum, DDS

Dental clinics like Scott H. Froum, DDS are money-making machines by risking the health of customers.

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Published: 07 August 2019

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Dr. Scott Froum is a general dentist and periodontist in Manhattan providing Midtown east patients with dental implants, teeth whitening and periodontal surgery working in New York. Patients expect their doctors to be treated with care and work in a healthy environment. Your doctor should be knowledgeable and highly trained to treat you. But customer reviews gathered from various websites revealed that Scott H. Froum, DDS is not been up to the mark lately. There have been reports that his staff is unprofessional and don’t actually listen to patients query and always try to make money from them by insisting them to but things they dint want to and services they don’t need.
When it comes to your medical need you want to choose one of the finest clinics in town regardless of what they charge. Customers choosing Scott H. Froum, DDS have been sharing negative reviews about it. One of the customers went there for his routine checkup and was being told to get cleaning services he doesn’t need and was being charged fairly a high bill.
I had gone to Scott H. Froum, DDS for treatment and paid a bill of around $13,000 in cash. As now, I have left Scott H. Froum, DDS and have opted for another hygienist for cleaning. I had several crowns on my teeth that were not the proper size which was causing the problem. It all started when I left Scott H. Froum, DDS because of their improper treatment and lack of professionalism, I now have to bear a lot of pain and moreover, I am also spending a lot of money on it.
Lack of professionalism and trained doctors can cost you much. One of the customers who went to Scott H. Froum, DDS for regular cleaning for her mouth. The hygienist told her that she got a crack in her tooth so it will require a crown so that it can be cured. Because of the lack of professionalism from the doctor, he damaged one of the nerve in her mouth which caused pain and numbness in the mouth. The doctor prescribed her to consult an oral surgeon but refused to pay even a single penny for what he has done. This kind of attitude and commitment from the doctors disappoint the patients because it wastes their time and money both.
Customers get frustrated when they had to wait for many hours to even after booking an appointment. One of the customers booked an appointment and was told that cleaning will be done at a separate appointment. They will place nice staff in front of you and high tech digital machines. Customer reported that they now will give you a sales pitch, but it will sound like a necessary course of action for a dire situation and thus you will now face an office manager who will try to convince you to get the services you don’t even desire for.

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