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Published: 28 March 2019

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You will find he is not. Currently he is only licensed in Colorado and one other state. You can contact your local American Bar Accociation to verify if he is licensed in your state. If he is not nail him . File a complaint with the ABA. P. Scott Lowery will be fined and possibly have other ramifications to deal with. Secondly send P. Scott Lowery a letter sent certified mail return address . Deemand him to cease and disist. explain to him in writhing he is to never contact you again by phone at home or work. If you actually owe a account due not make payment araingmens with his law firm, his law firm is notorious for making arraingments and not honoring them. P. Scott Lowery P.C. is a notorious con artist and so are his employees. If you can find an attorney and afford one I would fight him in court. Especially if you are correct and he is trying to collect for a debt that is not owed. The courts really slap sleeze balls like him for continually breaking the law. P. Scott Lowery P.C. is a well known con artist and sleaze ball. His employees are ususally uneducated and that is why they work for a collection agency. Nobody else will hire them. A couple of suggestions. Never talk or make arraingements with these people. they are notorious for making payment arraingments and then not honoring them after they have a signed document. If you are contacted by P. Scott Lowery P.C. contact the American Bar Association. I bet you will find he is not licensed in your state and is threatening you illegaly. I believe he is only licensed in Colorado and maybe one or two other states. If he is not licensed in your state nail him. File a complaint with the ABA in Colorado. His lack of work ethics make real attorneys look bad. Next send P. Scott Lowery a certified letter return reciept. If you feel you do not owe the debt tell him to cease and dissist any contact with you by phone at home or work. Also demand a proof of claim. Which he probably wil send you some bull—- letter that is no good in court but he tries to scare you into believing he has proof. Remember it is up to P. Scott Lowery P.C. to prove his claim. P. Scott Lowery is a third tier purchaser of a collection. Do not let his employees scare you into doing something that you do not feel confortable with. If you can afford an attorney I would hire one to fight him. Make it expensive for him to fight you. Mostly do not trust these people they will say and demand you to sign documents or tell you they are going to threaten you with a lawsuit. Let him. See him in court, make him pay. P.Scott Lowery is a notorious name in the list of sleaze ball attorneys. Make him prove you owe money right down to a “T”. Mainly do not talk with these yahoos they are paid to collect nothing else even though many, many times they step over the line and that makes a whold new situation for lawsuits against P. Scott Lowery.

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