Scott Stackman

A RACIST BIGOT! He discriminates blatantly

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Published: 16 May 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Scott is the managing director of the UBS Wealth Management Group. He is a prominent figure in the industry and because of that, he believes it’s okay to behave in a monstrous manner. Scott deserves no respect from anyone. As a person who worked under him for some time, I can certainly say that he is a danger to society. He racially discriminates in nearly every aspect of his life, whether it’s be his personal or professional life. He makes racist remarks as if there’s nothing wrong in doing so. I always felt uncomfortable and unsafe in his presence. I’m sharing my experience here because I wanted to expose this racist bigot to the world. He is a powerful person and I don’t want to put anyone at risk, that’s why I’m not sharing my personal details here.

My First Encounter with Scott:

I had met Scott Stackman when I first joined his company, UBS Wealth Management. I used to work at his office at a very low-level post. It was my second job after college, so I was pretty excited to work there. I had no idea that I was going to work under a racist maniac. The work environment was always a little tense but I thought it was because of the nature of our work. There was always pressure from the clients, and Scott (whenever he’d come in the office) would make sure that we felt that pressure.

I had joined the company with two other guys. We all were pretty new to the industry and had similar levels of experience. To be more precise, I was the one with the most experience. The other two were spoiled white kids of wealthy parents who had no experience whatsoever. I had to help them every now and then because they never knew what to do and how to do something. Let’s call one John and the other one James. I’m not going to reveal their real names for security purposes. Like I said, things were always hectic and tense at the office. The presence of those two never really helped. For some reason, I always had to do most of the work in the office. During the first few weeks, I thought it was a mere coincidence or some organizational structure, but I started noticing a few patterns in Scott’s attitude.

Whenever Scott would come into the office, he wouldn’t address me. In fact, he won’t even acknowledge my presence in the room. He would always greet James or John, sometimes both, but he never addressed me for some reason. I had ignored this but now that I think about it, I should have realized how racist Scott is right then.

Apart from that indifference, Scott would never recognize my effort in a task. I was working with two spoiled brats, who knew nothing about the jobs they were assigned. Yet, I wasn’t given any recognition for my hard work. During my entire stint at UBS Wealth Management, I never received a word of praise from him.

Before you think, “Scott might just be a bad employer, you’re overthinking it,” let me tell you the incident which changed my perception of Scott.

When I Found Out Scott Stackman is a Racist:

James, John, me, and an intern were working late that night. Our boss (not Scott) had told us to take a look at a few files. To be frank, they weren’t “a few” files. We had a ton of work, and everyone was anxious to go home. Most of us were staying mainly because Scott was still in his office and no one dared to leave before him.

James and John never worked so when they were forced to do so, they got frustrated. They were whining most of the time and I realized that they were trying to get away. I guess Scott heard their whining because he came out of his office and called them to his office.

He also told the intern that she can leave because it was getting too late. And as strange as it might sound, he acknowledged my presence too. He told me to keep working while he talks with these guys. I kept working but then I heard them laughing in there. I got intrigued so I listened closely to what they were talking about.

Both James and John were talking to Scott about how they take advantage of me. Not only that, all this while, they were using obscene, racist terms to address me! Scott said something of the sort “Let that N****** work his A** off, why are you guys bothering yourselves, that’s their job.” I was shocked to hear him say such derogatory and hurtful words for me.

All this while I was working hard in my job while thinking that my hard work would pay off and help me climb the corporate ladder. But the reality was way different. James and John were getting recognition for all MY work, not because they had some hidden talents I was unaware of, but because of their skin color. Scott discriminated openly.

I left the office right then and resigned from my job the next day. I cried all night that day. I couldn’t work under a racist bigot like Scott.

I shared my experience here so other people of color can stay away from Scott Stackman. I always used to think racism has ended but Mr. Stackman has shattered my beliefs. The guy shouldn’t be allowed to run a business where he explicitly discriminates. In fact, he shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of our society and thrown in jail. I have raised my voice against Scott, and you can help me too. Spread the word, let everyone know about this closeted racist. Expose him. Maybe then he’ll learn his lesson.

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