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The staff doesn’t give a damn about you and your life

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Michael

I wanted to find a good gynecologist for my treatment. And when I searched online, I came across Dr. Scott Vander. He seemed like a real professional but he is in fact, a terrible doctor who doesn’t care about his patients at all. His staff is mismanaged and it seems clear that he doesn’t bother to check up on his patients if they’ve been made to wait for long. I have visited his clinic 3 times and all of these instances were disappointing. When I visited his clinic the first time, I had to wait for an hour and 15 minutes past the time of the appointment. Why? Because this goddamn doctor wasn’t present. He was somewhere else while the waiting area was full of patients needing a checkup or treatment. It was a horrible experience. Whenever I asked the staff about the doctor they either ignored me or told me that he is busy. I don’t know what he could be busy with considering all the patients were in the waiting room. The person, who had an appointment 30 minutes before me, was asked into the doctor’s room after I had waited for 45 minutes! So that lady must’ve been waiting for at least an hour and a quarter too!

The poor appointment management of this place will make you hate this place. And Dr. Scott himself is a jerk. When I finally got to meet him in my first appointment, he just asked me a couple of questions and then told me to get a few tests done. No discussion, nothing else. However, the list of tests was considerable and most of them seemed wasteful. When I asked about them, he just told me that he needed to know if I was ‘completely healthy’ or not. He had only made me go through those unnecessary tests so that he can get more money from me. The second time I had visited the clinic was for those tests. Again, I had to go through that hellish waiting period of an hour or more. You will meet plenty of pregnant women there who also have to wait for long periods of time in the waiting room because Dr. Busy-a-lot doesn’t care. The tests were expensive and they don’t accept many insurance plans. They hadn’t told me before that they didn’t accept my insurance plan. When I visited the place the third time, it was to get an opinion on the test results. I waited for 30 to 40 minutes but then I got fed up. Enough is enough, alright. This place is a horrible choice for any person and I don’t think any women should trust Dr. Scott. That guy is only a greedy monkey who is too careless to run a successful clinic. Life is too short to waste in the waiting area of this rascal’s clinic. I’ve started visiting another clinic and I can’t express my joy when I don’t have to wait for that long.

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