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Published: 02 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been one of many victims of fraud from the so called artist Sherri Baldy from Scrapbook Stamp Society, My Besties Sherri Baldy Etsy store and Inspirational Bath. There are probably more companys that she has but these are the only ones that i am familiar with. Sherri alledgedly draws characters and these characters are produced into pen and ink line drawings and sold as digital stamps, rubber stamps, x stictch kits, decoupage sheets, fabric, cds and other crafting mediums. Sherri is renowned for copying other artists work as cannot think of anything original to draw, that is if she in facts actually does draw these characters herself ? I used to do some Design Team work for a UK crafting TV channel and Sherri provided us with imagery to work with to produce our samples for the TV shows. The more exposure the projects got then the more sales Sherri would get through her own sites. There was a character image drawn in my image from my photograph which was for us to use for the show work along with others in the team too. I then parted company with SHerri Baldy and i have never actually signed any document that permits/ authorises her to use my imagery in any format for sale/profit purposes after my departure from the company. Nor have I received any compensation or any monies from the sales of the Gill character merchandise that was produced and continues to be produced to date. I have contacted her on umpteen ocassions by email and Facebook but eventually she deleted and blocked me. I have to use other means to be able to view what she is doing in order to know what she is producing in my name next. I submitted a DMCA through Etsy, Pinterest and Wired Tree (SSS web hosts) and each time the imagery was to be removed for a set period of time, which in itself was a win in my book, but it was until she submitted a counter claim. It was then up to me to take matters further to court, which i cannot afford to do. She then decided to change the character name from Gill to Ginger thinking this would suffice but soon changed it back to Gill. This woman not only goes after me and my name using my photo image she now is after my pseudonym too. I had to use a pseudonym in order to protect my own identity from further theft attacks but now only this week she has producted characters of my pseudonym Prudence Gallore. I have again contacted Etsy and provided them with all the facts but they say it is not something they can deal with. WHY NOT . This woman cannot keep getting away with stealing from other people to make money out of it. She has many minions in her corner and they all stupidly admire what she does, without really knowing the truth behind her fraud. She has copied images from various artists over the years and there have been legal battles but each time she seems to win. WHY I have all the paper work evidence of the character imagery, my photos, what she sells and copies of emails between myself Etsy, Pinterest and WIred Tree about the DMCAs Why allow her to continue stealing from people in her pursuit of making money. .

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