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Published: 14 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Scudamor Took-Took is a ‘psychic’ who recenly took up shop in one of the commercial spaces on Delancey St. Now, I’m not usually one to be enticed by a psychic but when I went to Mr. Took-Took’s hut I was in a bad place mentally and just needed someone to talk to. He said he would only charge me $20 to read my fortune- fine, I can handle that. When I sat down though, the things he told me were absolutely phenominal. Everything about my family growing up, my dreams and aspirations, and how my sister passed when I was but a child. Again, I know that most psychics will pick up on subtle clues that you provide them with your body language, questions, etc. but I didn’t say ANYTHING to Took-Took after my initial speech outlining why I was there. I have no idea how he could see this information about me… Anyway, after a lot of talking and future-reading Mr. Took-Took let me know that he thought a lot of the bad energy that I was feeling was coming from my home. Specifically my cat which lives with me. He had this to say about it (he didn’t speak in rhymes the whole time but I remember this specifically): “Felines poison the mind. Your sign, this line, Will one day turn to crime” No idea what this really means but it freaked me out. Took-Took said that I needed to bring my cat in to see him so he could see specifically what was wrong. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but at the time it seemed like a really good idea. So I did. The following night I took my cat down to Delancey St. to give Scudamor another visit. I placed the cat down on the table for Took-Took to examine. He started petting the cat and looking into his eyes. The cat was very calm, and seemed to be enjoying what Took-Took was doing. Then, quite suddenly, Took-Took produced a knife and killed my cat. I’m not kidding. He straight up took a knife out and killed my cat. In the moment I was afraid for my life so I ran out of there immediately. I got five blocks without even stopping. Once I caught my breath I decided it would be best to return to the psychic shop and call the police. But then when I got there again Mr. Took-Took was nowhere to be found. Like, he straght up dissapeared. The building of course was still there but that little man was never seen by me again. I’m writing this to help let others know that if you ever come across a psychic by the name of Scudamor Took-Took that you should avoid him at all costs. He WILL kill your cat and take your money, at the very least.

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