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full of unprofessionals who indulge in malpractice!

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Published: 10 May 2019

Posted by: Kathleen

They are terrible human beings who should be thrown in jail and left there to rot. At least their licenses should get revoked. The entire staff at Seabreeze Orthodontics comprises of fools and ill-minded individuals who all try to cover up each other’s mess. Who has to pay for their mistakes? THE PATIENTS!!! I went to that place some time ago and I can’t explain the kind of negligence the orthodontists at that place did. They either are too stupid or too careless because they completely ravaged my dental health and made my life quite difficult. Since my poor experience at that place, I’m now getting treatment at another place. My experience at Seabreeze Orthodontics was horrible. There aren’t enough words to describe my anger at those morons. I came across these guys online. I was looking for an experienced orthodontist in my area and the name of these guys popped up everywhere. I thought they were a great choice but I was wrong. I was fooled by their good-looking website and their large number of reviews. I should’ve done more research on this place before I set my foot there. I had gone there because I was having a little difficulty in chewing. My teeth were a little misshaped so I thought an orthodontic would help. Anyway, when I went to that place, they suggested my braces. I got adult braces and I thought my teeth would be okay. After keeping the braces on for a few months, I realized I was experiencing the same difficulty in chewing. I shared this concern with my orthodontist there, hoping that he would tell me something valuable. Turns out, there wasn’t anything to learn. He just told me that I should relax and let the braces do their job. But because I was facing that problem continuously, I ended up going to another dentist, who told me my gums were in poor health and I should have got them treated before getting those braces. You see, THOSE PEOPLE LIED TO ME. They didn’t check my oral health. NO, they just wanted to shove their braces in my mouth. And that’s what they did. They were charging me heavily for those braces. I found out that an orthodontist shouldn’t start an orthodontic treatment if the patient has poor gums. Now, either these people are too careless to notice unhealthy gums or they are too selfish to let a patient go.

I couldn’t believe these people were so depraved. They clearly have no sense of guilt or humanity in their hearts. I doubt if they even any hearts to speak of. Such malpractice isn’t acceptable. I contacted them again and discussed this issue. The doctor there didn’t want to see me again. And the staff there behaved very rudely with me when I told them I have a complaint. All I’m saying is, keep away from Seabreeze Orthodontics. You don’t know what kind of negligent treatment you might get there.

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