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Published: 12 May 2018

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1) Now I will explain so you can see the real truth, you need to see both sides of the issue or the whole story between Larry Peiser and the other guy As its truly a battle between good an evil now let me explain what Larry is not revealing to you 2) Initially Larry Peiser said, he had a 3 month business relationship with this other guy, but let the truth be told, the other guy was his employee and was never a business partner, as the other guy didnt want to do business with Larry, after he realized Larry Peiser, is actually an evil person, and is in fact the nasty con man himself, who is ripping off his own customers. What Larry failed to tell you, is that Larry in fact didnt like someone who was exposing him as a crook, and wanted the other guy to hurt them for a certain amount of money, and ever since then there working relationship went sour, because the other guy would never do something like that, so you can imagine now, why Larry is set on destroying the other guy reputation! 3) Yes Larry Peiser wanted to physically harm another human being that was getting in his way of his business, as the other guy didnt want to work with Larry anymore, after Larry asked the other guy, to do his dirty business for him, so this is the reason why there working relationship went so bad, but the good news is, the character of the other guy is full of integrity, and is an incorruptible character, for the other guy couldnt be corrupted by Larrys evil proposal to harm another being! 4) As Larry is deceiving the public like he is the victim, so you would believe his lying report, that slanders the other guy known as (Michael Filimoniuk) a guy who chose to do whats right, and only wanted to do fair business with others! Yes the other guy didnt want to be associated with Larry, after he found out, Larry deceives his customers, by watering the material down, see Larry doesnt give them 100% rubber, and what he doesnt tell you, is that its not rubber at all, but MUD, OIL and WATER Because rubber cant be sprayed, and his material is so bad, he dilutes his material with so much water, it doesnt even last 6 months, so that he can rip them off, for as much money as possible, and the customers cant do anything about it, because they have already paid him the money, and time has past! 5)As for me I have known the other guy, for many, many years, and do you know the other guy works night and day, helping people for free, not charging people money but out of great love an good character, he helps those who are suffering in this world, yes the other guy does not ask for money to do this in fact the other guy is extremely generous and kind, and I assure you, he is a defender for the truth and the things that are for good, and remember this world is evil, with many corrupt evil people robbing the poor through business dealings, doing evil things like Larry Peiser, who is persecuting the other guy who chose to do the right thing 6) See many times the innocent are persecuted by these evil people in the world, so people like Larry Peiser can continue to deceive people, through there lies, so they can remain in business, making money by crooked ways.As Larry Peiser just wants money, and doesnt care what way he gets it, even if the way is by crooked means, he is out for himself and doesnt care about his customers hard earned money, he will rip them off in the first instance, if he gets the chance, so be careful, and use discernment to see who actually is serving the public or ripping off the public .

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