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Published: 28 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Sears Home services came to my home as my refergerator was not working properly, the freezer had defrosted and then slowly the refgerator lost the all coolant. I called Sears and they stated it would be a $55 Service call for the technichan to diaignoise the problem, plus any parts. The Tech was in my home looked at a few things and stated he would need to replace a Relay Switch with parts and labor the total would be approx $280.00 I agreed, it took him less than 5 minutes from that point and when he gave me the bill i was shocked to learn that the part was 69.00 the rest over $200 in labor charges. ( for 15 minutes! are you kidding me!) The way he bundled the parts and labor, led me to believe he was changing out more than one part. Over $200 for labor is a bit excessive I would think, I called Sears and asked them to explain how much labor someone should be charged for a 15 min job like replacing a relay switch? they stated that is up to the technichan. So, my question is there are no guidlines at this company for labor charges per part replaced? You can’t get this company to give you a straight answer, I am still waiting on the call back from management, I was told they would return my call within 24-48 hrs, it has been 4 days now! From the number of complaint, I can see they really do not care about their Customers or Customer service at all, Sad.

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