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Published: 17 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We ordered 6 chairs total online through seating mind. The first order was for just 1 chair. When we order the other 5 chairs we used exactually the same sku , description & photo off our invoice from the 1st chair ordered. We contacted seating mind to confirm we would be getting these 5 chairs exactually as the first one ordered before placing the second order. When we received our second order, the 5 chairs were extremely different, missing parts & a different color. I contacted seating mind about this, sent them side by side photos of the chairs indicating missing parts. Their rep gave me the excuse that their wearhouse made a mistake & sent us an up graded chair in the 1st order by mistake & that we should pay for the difference. I reiterated that we had no idea the first chair was the wrong one sent to us since the photo matched what we received & were looking for. That we expected to get the same item being ordered a 2nd time Which we ended up paying more for). They then went on trying to send us different links of photos & descriptions saying we screwed up not them. I kept sending them screen shots of the links which i time stamped as proof that they trying to cover up their mistake. I even went as far to try & find the owner/ceo of this company on linked-in. After i reached out to who i thought was the owner/ceo, their photo was immediately removed. When i tried calling them it took several weeks to speak with a live person. I finally got through to a live person & asked for the owner/ceo. I was given the same name listed on linked in, jacob kellner. Turns out this jacob person is only a manager & refused to call me to discuss this matter. Their manager e-mailed me & told us to pack up the chairs & ship them back for a full refund. We did not want that, we wanted what we thought we were paying for from the beginning. We ended up paying $280 more for a whole lot less of a chair. With their actions, dishonesty, excuses, unprofessionalism & very poor grammar, we simply did not trust them to hold up their end of the deal that once they received the chairs back, we would be reimbursed, so we offered these solutions to make things right. We suggested that instead of them loosing out on shipping costs & now having to sell theses as used to just send us a sixth chair & call it even or just send us the $280 we overpaid due to their false advertising or replace the 5 chairs with the 1st chair type we received. To date they still refuse to make things right. .

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