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Published: 08 November 2017

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I got this companys info off of amNewYork NewsPaper . I called 3 to 4 numbers that has to do with the same position and after answering guestions to the young ladies on the phone, they told me I had to bring $80 to get registered If I qualify. I wrote down the addresses and notice how they all gave me the same address. When I called the second number on the NewsPaper the lady asked for my name and asked if she spoken to me before, I said no. I never callled that number thats why I said no but after speaking to her, I reconized the same voice and address. That’s when I became skeptical bout this agency. The lady had set up an appointment with me for the next day 8/19/2014. I showed up, gave my I.D to the lady in the front desk and she gave me a application to fill up in a room with a bunch of chairs. Before I’m done Gregory Williams calls me in his office and he starts to ask me the same guestions they asked me on the phone. After answering the same guestion over and over again, he tells me I need to pay $80 without telling me if I qualify. He also said I need to pay $300 for the certificate, I can do a payment plan. He wanted me to bring I the next day early. He also asked me how would I get the money since I’m unemployed, I told him my mother. After I gave him the $80 and he wrote me a receipt, told me if I have any guestions call him. I told him ” Let me get the $80 back and after I speak to my mother tonight, I’ll bring you everything together but first I need to consult with her” then he tells me well the book keeper just left on break and will be back in a hour and a half. He told me that at 1:30p.m, my appointment that day was at 1p.m. I was like I dont know anyone who takes a hour and a half break and he told me well he the supervisor. I left came back at 3p.m he was no where to be found and then shows up 45mins after. When he arrived, he went straight to his office and when he came out he was acting like if I wasn’t there he wasn’t trying to have eye contact with me. Instead of getting me out the way, he went and got a applicant and try to do the samething he did to me. Their Customer Service Is Horrible, I had all the reasons why I shouldn’t give them the $80 I just didn’t follow my gut. so to everybody out there trying to do security I adivce you not to apply to this company. Save yourself the time, money and effort.

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