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Published: 01 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I applied to Securitas Securitas Services. I have a superlative educational background and an impressive resume. I have the highest level of Government Security Clearance that can be given to a civilian. Before hiring you, Securitas insists that you sign a document that prevents an employee from filing litigation against them in the Civil Court . If a legal matter arises, Securitas demands that the issue be resolved in Mediation. Securitas expects the employee to bear half of the costs for the Mediation,half the cost for the Mediator Attorney as well as pay for your own Lawyer. WARNING: DO NOT SIGN THIS! Securitas is attempting to insulate themselves from Lawsuits at your expense. They are well aware of their own illegal business practices, which is evidenced by THOUSANDS of Claims against them. I questioned the legality of this document (Coercion). Human Resources Rep. Crystal Brown initialy projected a smile and pleasant disposition. Abruptly, Crystal Brown sternly asked me if I was sure that I wanted to work at Securitas. I was told that my Pay Rate would be $12/hr. My first paycheck showed my Pay Rate to be $10/hr. When I called Crystal Brown to correct the pay discrepency, she took a hostile tone against me. She told me that I was “starting out on the wrong foot” , was ” getting a bad reputation ” and she”knows how to deal with anyone who makes waves”. Crystal Brown reminded me about the bad economy and job market. She then told me that they have”a list of people who would be happy to take my job”. After this conversation, my work schedule mysteriously decreased to only week ends. I called Crystal Brown to request more work hours. She answered the phone by saying” Oh, its you again”. I stated to Crystal Brown that I felt that I was being punished for asking about my Pay Rate. She became agitated and said: “You think you’re smarter than me? You think you are better than me?” She said that my Education and Experience didn’t compare to hers. She said that she has been with Securitas 8 years compared to my 2 weeks. She called me a “bigmouth and a troublemaker” . What happened to the superficial pleasant facade? I worked my weekend shift alone at a Construction site. There were no incidents. The next day I was called by a Securitas supervisor who said that there was a report that I brought a generator to work at the Construction site. I told him that the report simply isn’t true. He stated that there was a “Witness who wrote a statement verifying this” and that I had to attend a meeting the next day at the office concerning this. I went to the Westboro Massachusetts Securitas office for the meeting. H/R mgr. Crystal Brown initialy pretended to be pleasant. However,once inside the meeting, Crystal Brown’s demeanor changed. Her statements were accusatory and her tone was hostile. Two male supervisors made intimidating facial gestures at me. Without even questioning me,Crystal Brown concluded that I was GUILTY! I stated that I didn’t bring a generator to the Construction site, that I don’t own a generator. and said :” Aren’t there generators at Construction sites anyways”? I asked for the supposed Witness Statement. Ms. Brown said that I” wasn’t entitled to it”. Then she stated that I was being “uncooperative” and stormed out of the meeting. Uncooperative? I went there on my day off. Crystal Brown did not cooperate with me . She is a Securitas employee also. As such,she owes me the same fair duty to answer questions as I owe her. After less than 2 weeks, I received a Termination letter a few days later. I contacted Securitas Vice President Rick Avery and informed him of these illegal practices. I filed a Lawsuit and prevailed! Securitas Managers routinely Lie, Intimidate and Retaliate against their employees. Is Crystal Brown being held accountable for her actions? OR Is this just standard operating procedure ?

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