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Shown a lack of commitment and they don’t consider the customers’ problems.

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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

SCW is supposed to be a professional-grade surveillance system which is customized to your security and location. They claim to have one of the best systems to guard your valuable assets. When it comes to security customers take no risk at all and they want their security companies to be committed with them. Security Camera Warehouse was great at first but in recent times their services have declined in terms of customer service, product quality, and after-sales service. The technical support they have is not trained properly and they don’t even show up on time. Their product doesn’t get delivered in the given time also and so they have to wait for it. I’m not the only victim. Other customers have reported that Security Camera Warehouse is misleading and dishonest about what they deliver as well. Customers have also shown their concern that they need to improve their mobile applications as well as windows applications.
Remote applications are a great way you can get hold to your cameras and see if everything is up and up but Security Camera Warehouse has not improved in this area. I had bought a camera and NVR. But tech support is only available during weekdays and business hours which cause issues. Moreover, the mobile app works greatly but you can’t operate your system through it as you can only view through it. Besides the out-of-date application, their system lags a lot which is a problem too.
Proving what you have committed is the most important part of taking the top market positions and winning your customers. Numerous cases have been reported that Security Camera Warehouse has a bad delivery service too. The customers have to wait for months for their order and still they don’t receive the best quality. Moreover, the customer support from Security Camera Warehouse gives no or little response about it. One of the customers ordered a product from Security Camera Warehouse. It has been 2 months now and it still has not been delivered. This clearly explains how Security Camera Warehouse treats their customers.
A manual on how to operate these products can save a great time. Customers have a concern that there is no manual with their products which causes a lot of problems because they don’t know on how to operate the product and how to install them in their house or offices.
It looks like they just want to make money. One of the customers ordered an electrical box mount which is resistant to water as it came with waterproof joint WPJ26. In reality, it was not the case, the parcel he received was not what he ordered for. When Security Camera Warehouse was interrogated, they said it was only for some of the devices. Such cases from companies like Security Camera Warehouse hold a great significance for the company reputation word of mouth has great power and one bad review can cause huge damage for the brand.

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