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They are just robbing people and stealing their money

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Published: 06 April 2019

Posted by: harrison

I can’t believe that a horrible company like Securus Technologies even exist. I was waiting for them to resolve the issue however, they are nothing but disappointing. My husband went to his own unit back in November. I was not quite proficient with inmate accounts back then. I didn’t face any issue other than the slow server speed of the website. I made a transaction to the inmate debit account of my husband in 2019 January, but as I was just going to back from the website, they sent me one more confirmation no. like I was making another transaction which I was obviously not doing. I just wanted to get out of that page.

I checked my account a couple of hours later to reassure myself that they haven’t taken any extra money from my account, however, I was wrong. There were two transactions of the same charge. I immediately contacted the bank and checked whether this issue occurred from my side or theirs and it turned out that the merchant did the payment twice. We decided to file a dispute. I didn’t contact Securus Technologies at that time because I thought my bank can handle these issues. A few days later I and my husband started running low on cash so I tried to deposit some money in the account. However, I was not able to do that as the website was blocking me. I contacted the customer support and they told me that I’m forbidden from using the website because I “scammed” the company. Seeing this I tried using my other card which was from a different bank, however, it didn’t process as well. The agent told me that it would take 24 hrs. Before I can try the transaction again. So I waited a day and the next day I get the same response. I called them and asked them to connect me to their manager. He was the RUDEST & the most INSOLENT person I have ever talked to. He cut all of my sentences midway and didn’t listen to me at all. I tried to tell him the situation but he just didn’t want to listen. After a couple of minutes, he told me that I can only use my card 4 months later and hung up the phone. But when I talked to the agent he said that my card will not be blocked for 4 months, so the manager was just lying and trying to SCARE ME.

Securus Technologies is a company which doesn’t seem real when you first experience it because they are just so bad at their job. Other than the helpful agent, their customer service is pathetic. There are many other issues with Securus as well. These people charge $11.99 for each transaction you make. Not only this, but they also have the worst managers who don’t have any intentions of helping the customer. They have a monopoly in the market and they should be STOPPED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

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