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Published: 16 September 2018

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My wife is a senior citizen, who acquired the name of the company Fun Source, which they sold vitamins, under a different name. I am not aware of the name of the vitamin company. Their fee was $19.95 and they sent free samples with a purchase. She did not request this. They stated if you were not happy with the purchase, they could be returned and your credit card would be refunded back the costs. This started on April 22, 2014. My wife did not want the vitamins, was not satisfied onher original purchase on how they said they would perform. She mailed them back. They refused to accept the order and mailed them back to her again. She called them several times, they said they would give her credit and they would not mail anymore. On 4/22 they sent a second order, she refused it, mailed it back, called the company, they said they would remove the $19.95 charge and they did not. On 5/22 they did the same thing and charged another $19.95. They were called again stating that they were not authorized to do this, she did not want the items and they were returned and they mailed them back again. On 6/21 another order came for $19.95, it was refused and returned, phone call was made they said again that they would remove the $19.95 charge and they did not. Finally on 7/22 they sent another order, we contacted the credit card company and got a new credit card. They now refuse to refund any of our money back to us. This is a total of $79.80 pluss shipping costs and postage for sending the items back. They have misrepresented themselves, they operate several names that appears on the credit card under Fun Source and SEM* FUNSOURCE. They have changed their phone number, we found out that they were in Hopkins, MN by reviewing your service of Ripoff Report. They go under the name of Fun Source and WC Value Plus and I don’t know what other names are possible. They mislead people, get their credit card number and charge things to your account that you do not order. They refuse to credit your account after their representatives say that they will and are doing nothing but lying and cheating senior citizens. This is not fair and I recognize that when it is small amounts a lot of people will not do anything about it, but it adds up and these people are getting rich on fraud, where small amounts of money take away medicines on senior citizens that have limited income. We have called this company over 15 times and written them trying to get this matter straightened out. I received a letter from them finally stating that the order had been cancelled (an order we did not place) on 7/22/14. This letter stated ” In response to your request for a refund, we have confirmed that your purchase of FunSource was made either by you or an authorized user of the card ending in 3235. Therefore, based on our enrollement records, you are not eligible for a refund.” We did not ever enroll with them. My wife ordered one bottle of vitamins that didn’t do what they claimed and they refused to quit sending them to us. I finally had to change my credit card number to get them to quit charging my credit card. D & F Properties .

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