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Published: 27 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I hired Sentry Credit Reporting to remove all negative items on all 3 CRA’s for $800 over the course of four monthly installments. I have spoken to Michael Paige and Spencer a total of around 3 or 4 times. The most recent was Michael calling me to send out my monthly update, but had to collect the next $200 payment to do so. The link to their back office software website is “”. Once logged in, I reviewed the updates to my case history and did not find anything that would warrant any referral. After 3 months, Sentr7y credit has disputed the Premier Bank charge off, the 60 day late on child support installment and 3 California State Tax Leins”. The disputes, with their behind th scenes strategies and techniques, have yielded no results. All negative items still currently remain. The disputes were digitally performed using the CRA’s ACDV system…which all everyone knows is nothing more than the E-Oscar electronic dispute verification system. The additional strategies and techniques were to audit the negative items in hopes that something would be found was not not accurate and would require the item to be removed. Well, to date no luck. In fact, the State of California probably has my tax liens red-flagged and will most likely go out of their way to make sure they stay reported on my credit file with the CRA’s. Like all other credit repair companies….these guys are nothing more than a derived version of Lexington Law. They make promises, provide testimonials, and just end up taking your money. Thye downside side to all of this is that they are affiliated with a credit scoring company, a law firm and a collection department that will ding your credit reports is you do not pay and they will place the account into collections and report that to the CRA as a member of the CRA reporting customer. Be cautious when dealing with any credit repair company that requires [payment up front for services not performed. I will be updating this post once final payment has been made and Sentry Credit moves on to another customer without completing the work.

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