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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Hello, I do not know from where should i start my story, but I have suffered with the world Internet marketing a lot from frauds , this time is one of the most frauds carried out by the company (Seomamba)(, and by the deception for 2400$ dollars value have paid for SEO on 25 site I owned! which also I have pushed on them a folded money from Domain registration and hosting and designing and also content creation. Thats all cost me about 8000$ + wasting my time , all that in order to do a succeeded online Marketing, But there is Bastard people they do not appreciate what we do and how we earned our money and how much time we have suffered and sweat our brows , these people should be thrown in jail for years , And people should be warned to deal with them !. The Summary of my words (my story): I have attached all the conversation and emails with him> below ,and also i have attached all the transaction money photos that I have sent to this Guy his name is (Avinash R Mandape) he is from India >>the owned of (seomamba. he told me first that his company has an office at the USA and you can see at the conversation below,and he convinced me on that,but it was because of me i didnot call the office as he gave me the number before, i sent him the money direct and thats my fault was,after he didn’t reply to me for a while for (1 month) i did the call to know where is he, and i have surprised then the number was for other seo company in the USA which is name California SEO. They told me why i have dealt with that guy !,I didn’t know what should I told them for that expect telling them that he pretend to have an office in USA ! ,well from the beginning when i sent him the money , he promised to send each site a equivalent to 1000 Backlinks ,and at the end (after he disappeared) he finished 100 for some sites and some sites have 20 backlinks !,then he stopped replay to me Protesting that his team are working on it ,but the answer is was .After he disappeared for along time (more than one month) he came back and tell me that he was ill !.According to what he told me initially, he will send me every day a created backlinks by him and his team and all of the backlinks will create by human, from the beginning I did not believe that ,but after 2 months from the working ,i have seen that all my work have destroyed :'( (Automated Spam Backlinks)!! :'( and i was getting about 13 notice from Google Webmaster saying that unnatural backlinks :'( i was surprised, and frustration psychological struck me for a week in bed ! ,Then he did not reply at all and tried to threaten him with the Indian embassy then he did not respond anymore !!

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