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Published: 28 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Septic Savior claimed my 98 year old Dad owed them $397.00 but with compounding interest it was now $2000.00. A guy called him a month ago at 8PM – November 2014 and stated that if he would hurry and go to the nearest Western Union or place to wire funds directly to him that he would lower the amount to $275.00. My Dad has has never paid a bill late in his life (He is sharp as a tack by the way!) so he went the next morning and sent the money thinking — ut oh — did I really forget?. He was called again by a lady stating (a week later) that he still owed $125.00 and to do the same thing so he did. Now he is being harrassed almost every day asking for MORE money!!!! Really?? I answered a call today and insisted on seeing the statements of what he owed. I asked for them to be emailed directly to me NOW. I got a song and a dance. The guy on the phone could not and would not produce statements. He toild me that my Dad ordered 22 shipments and hasn’t paid. I was fuming! My Dad has used this company before but they alwyas sent the product WITHOUT him oredering or re-ordering it! So not realizing that he could refuse shipment he took it and sent payment. I looked at his previous invoices, got the number and called Septic Savior and was told that my Dad did NOT have a balance. It was paid January 9, 2013!!!!! I asked who from billing called and asked him to go to wire funds and the woman claimed that is not their practice when in fact the money was sent to them. She denied it. Perhaps she has no idea the principles of the company are lying, cheating crooks. They pray on elderly homeowners first of all by continously shipping the product then billing them for a prouct they did not order. Then they wait almost 2 years and bill them again!!! This company is a Sham. I will not stop until I tell everyone how they ripped my Dad off. Life is tough enought for seniors. Shame on Septic Savior. I wish I could contact the television news in FL!!!! They need to be stopped! .

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