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Do not trust these cheaters

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Published: 08 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to Serene on a Thursday because I could not get in with my regular dentist and I was having agonizing gum pain. First red flag when I called: she said, “Since you’re in pain, would you like to come in on Monday?” I said “Since I’m in pain, I would like to be seen today.” Second red flag: person taking my X-rays said it looked like my wisdom tooth was giving me issues.  My wisdom teeth we pulled almost 17 years ago. Third red flag: Dr. Tran said I needed a deep cleaning, yet I received one from my regular dentist less than a year ago.

Bottom line, Dr. Tran said I needed two root canals (one tooth of which already had a root canal 20 years ago) and had an infection. He prescribed pain medication, antibiotics, and prescription mouth wash. Said I needed to call the specialist he was going to refer me to, because he could not redo the previous root canal. When the technician came back in after Dr. Tran left, she asked what he had determined and when I told her, she said, “To be honest, that sounds really…expensive”

Today is Monday and I went to see my regular dentist for a second opinion. He did a complimentary X-ray of the area in question and the X-ray from Thursday looks exactly the same after 5 days of antibiotics. There was never an infection and I don’t need any root canals. He found a canker sore on the mend in the area where all the swelling and pain was though and advised Serene should adjust their X-ray settings, among other things. They are very unprofessional and do whatever comes in their mind to you without even thinking about the consequences on the  patients

Always get a second opinion people!….

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