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What horrible and irritating service!

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I booked Serenity Helicopters for a magical tour. The pilot wasn’t friendly. I wanted to see the beautiful views and enjoy this trip. The experienced pilot didn’t show concern to his passengers. I was nervous sitting inside the helicopter but enjoyed the moment while I had it.

The experience was not a good one, after a few hours, I didn’t feel like having the pilot around for not caring for his passengers and for being unfriendly.

I had to pay a high price to pay for this trip and I did not get my money’s worth.

Serenity Helicopters don’t have the best experience in customer care and knowledge of the Grand Canyon.

I don’t recommend the Serenity Helicopters for the poor knowledge of the Grand Canyon, the unpleasant and unfriendly pilot, for their bad services, and my expectations were poorly met on this trip.

The pilot didn’t know much about the history of the Grand Canyon.

I was disappointed with the trip from the start.

The person sold me the ticket promised an enjoyable time.

We had to get on a shuttle which was already an hour late. That is how it works in such situations. Rush to the Grand Canyon and back to make many trips as possible, and in the meantime neglect the group you already have.

I couldn’t get a photograph of the Hoover Dam from the poor view I had. It was my point for being there in the first place to get photos taken of the Hoover Dam. Unfortunately, from this rush to and from the hotel, I didn’t get photos or get to enjoy the breathtaking views.

We were led back inside the Serenity Helicopters, in a rush and the trip didn’t feel good anymore. Everything about this trip ended up in a mess.

The trip booked with Serenity Helicopters was terrible and I had the worst experience. I did not enjoy the champagne lunch. A high price paid and for a waste of a trip.

We sat six in the bus cramped up and the ride was awful.

I couldn’t get any photos taken on the uncomfortable bus ride and couldn’t move my arms from side to side.

Serenity Helicopters is not on time, the rush back and forth to the Grand Canyon and trips booked with the company are not enjoyable.

I dread going on this trip from the many mishaps, disappointments, dissatisfaction and unfriendly tones of the pilot.

I did not carry bags on Serenity Helicopters space is limited. It is hard to get by without my belongings from one place to another.

A trip on Serenity Helicopters did not impress me and I will not go on a trip with that tour again.

I will not recommend Serenity Helicopters to anyone interested in a tour to the Grand Canyon.

The unfriendly and unprofessional pilot ruined the trip to the Grand Canyon. The tour was not a top-notch tour.

I do not recommend below-average companies and Serenity Helicopters fits that category.

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