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This place lacks compassion, professionalism as well as the most basic trait – Humanity.

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Published: 18 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Since childhood, I wanted to grow up to be big and strong. I always wanted to have chiseled abs just for the sake of looking good but as I grew up, I realized the importance of being fit and maintaining the ‘dream physique’. I realized that fitness is not only about looking good but also about living a healthy lifestyle. After working out for almost a year at my gym, I decided to upgrade. I thought of finding a better gym and thus, I started looking for workout centers near me. It took me some time but I finally came across Seriously String Training. I read the reviews as well as checked out their official website. It seemed good online and therefore, I decided to join the gym.
I was excited to be a part of a new gym and train even harder for a better physical as well as mental health. I opted for the ‘Small Group Training’ as I did not want to train alone. I wanted people around me as it would as extra motivation for me.
I went to the gym and on the very first day, I noticed a flaw. The floor there did not cause much friction and it was too slippery. I did not see that there was water spilled on the floor and slipped and fell. I hurt my back on the very first day. It took me some time to get back on my feet. After this incident, I went in and the moment I stepped into the training area, I was ridiculed by the trainer for being late. I tried explaining but the trainer was not willing to listen. Demoralized on the very first day, I decided to put all of this behind me and start again fresh.
The next day, while I was using the treadmill, something strange happened. The speed of the treadmill started increasing. I had already been running for the past half an hour when this incident happened. I asked for help from my trainer but he did not seem to care. I could not run anymore and so I fell off the treadmill and hit my head on the ground. The pain was excruciating. Instead of coming and helping me, the trainer kept sitting on his chair and used his phone. It took me some time to return the gym and start working out again.
After a few days, I went back and got mocked for not being regular. The staff members and fellow gym-mates laughed at me and trust me, it was infuriating. As I was still not fully recovered, It was hard for me to do even a basic push-up. I could not do a simple push-up because my head hurt when I tried doing one. The trainer mocked me at this and told me I should ‘sit back at home and cook for the family’.
I realized that this place was not good for me, both physically and mentally and therefore I decided to stop going to this place. I would not recommend anyone to go to Seriously Strong Training as it is not a decent place to go to.

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