Serrao Rejuvenation Center

A big scam!

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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: Leonel

For a center that claims that it meant to solely enhance the beauty of women, the clinic is one big scam. I went there because I wanted to enter my local beauty pageant and I thought it would be good if I polished myself a bit. However, I just wanted to get a face sculpting done to look leaner. Instead, when I got there, they somehow convinced me to get a full body sculpting done. It was way beyond my budget but I must admit, the picture of mine they presented to me in my head really got to me and I relented. I was to go for five sittings over five sessions and it seemed that at the end of it all I would emerge as some kind of a diva. Well, even after three sessions, I could not notice any considerable change in myself or how I look. I have always been tall and lean and of course, I was exercising vigorously for the coming pageant to stay fit and that was all the difference I noticed. I really did not think that I would be cheated this way. Once the five sessions were over, they tried to convince me how my thighs and butts looks slimmer and how my face looked chiseled but it was all because I had been eating healthy and exercised regularly. They have pretty pictures of women all over their clinic and they try to convince other girls that the results will be as good but that is not true at all. I spent a great deal of money over nothing. But the premises at 2905 McRae Ave, are really lavish indeed. They will definitely make you feel like a celebrity when you walk in, but as far as the actual services are concerned, not much can be said about them.

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