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Theives! They stole my money.

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My car was a victim of vandalization a few weeks ago, the kids who did it just left my car in terrible shape, it was undrivable. A friend helped me take it to the nearest repair shop, which was this one, and I knew the repairs were going to take a lot of time and money, but at least I was hoping that my car got out as good as new. This was not the case, obviously, so here is the experience I had with this place and the reason why I will not recommend it to anyone in my circle.
My car was a mess after the damage, all the glasses, lights, and mirrors were shattered, the tires were flat, and the windshield was cracked. The bumpers and paint job were also ruined, it was surely going to take a lot of money to fix it all, and I was ready to wait at least a month for the repairs to be done.
Once I talked to someone at Service King, they told me that my car would be ready in 2 weeks, and the repairs were also going to take less than what I had initially thought. I was surprised by the great deal I was getting; I went home very happy that day.
Unfortunately, it didn’t last much, after 2 weeks I had received no calls or e-mails about my car, I tried calling them, and the lines were always busy. I had to pay a taxi to get me there and request for information about my car, at the service, no one came to me, there was no one at the front desk either, so I had to sit there and wait for more than 10 minutes. When a man finally shows up, he says that he’s from a different department and can’t help me.
I waited for another 15 minutes for someone who could actually help me, this man showed up and listened to me, he said that the car should be ready, and he would go check. I waited yet another 10 minutes for him to get back, it was absurd how long I had to wait there because of their poor service.
This experience did not end there, the car was ready, and they brought it to me; however, when I tested it, the lights would not work, the windows would not go down properly, and the paint job was so poor that you could see the difference between the original color and the one they used, my car was nowhere near ready. After I told this to the man, he said that the repairs were all done, and there was nothing he could do without charging me more.
I should’ve expected this, you get just what you paid for, and what I got was a job half done for half the price of the repairs. I guess that if you are just looking for quick cheap repair, these guys will do the job good enough. Don’t expect quality from them.

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