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Published: 08 September 2019

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Scott, Paducah, KY. BEWARE OF SERV-PRO OF PADUCAH, KY!! We had storm drainage water back-up through our floor drain in our basement about 1 1/2 weeks ago. We were frantic and did not know who to call. I thought Serv-Pro might be our only choice, as it was late in the evening. I called. Serv-Pro staff showed up at around 11:30pm. Luther, their representative, looked at the basement, which no longer had any water present, as it had drained on its own. He did some measurements and told me $1,178 with tax. My wife and I thought this amount was too high, but, due to the mess left on the floor and the level the water had been, were not sure what else to do. The smell was very bad due to the water’s remanents left behind. I told them to go ahead, as they were already at the house. We were very concerned about the price, but, felt that it was important to get the cleaning started immediately. Without flood insurance, we would be forced to pay the full amount out of our pocket. Our basement is less than 450 sq ft, but, Luther claimed that it was “larger” and he was giving us a “deal!” Yeah, some deal! I checked with other services in the Paducah area over the past week, and found that most all of them would have done this job for $500 and in some cases, even less, as the only thing needed was steam cleaning and washing the floor. Well, the smell they promised to remove, is still present. The floor is dry, but, the smell did not leave as they promised, they left my basement in total disarray, with the contents scattered around the room, when most of the items were originally on tables, and unaffected by the water. My washer and dryer were moved off of their pedestals, and they made no effort to put them back. I have major back issues, and had to PAY FOR HELP in putting the washer and dryer back the way they were. At nearly $3.00 a sq ft, I believe I have been “RIPPED OFF!!” I’LL NEVER CALL ANY SERV-PRO OFFICE AGAIN, ESPECIALLY NOT SERV-PRO OF PADUCAH, KY!! If you have FLOOD INSURANCE, you probably don’t care what they charge, but, if you have to pay out of your own pocket, GET READY TO BLEED GREEN, BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO RAKE YOU OVER THE COALS!! And of course, NOT even make it “Like it never even happened!!! I could have done the same job myself, if I didn’t have major back issues! Thanks for ripping off a handicapped person!! I’ll be sure the whole town knows about this situation inside two weeks!!

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