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All the procedures are extremely painful

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Published: 19 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Women all around the world face some kind of criticism regarding the make-up they put on or some taunts related to the fact that they go to the spa or saloon very frequently. According to me, all of the baseless criticism is utterly stupid. The last time I checked, making yourself feel happy by treating yourself properly is not stupid. It is not only about happiness but also about the need. Certain things such as threading or waxing are a necessity for some females who have hair-growth on their faces. It is okay to have an opinion about something but what is not okay is to stereotype such blatant criticism.
Since I too have the problem of growth of facial hair, I decided to go to a new place for getting threading and waxing done. My beautician was out of town and it had been some time since I wanted to go to a new place. I started searching for salons and spas that offered these services and I shortlisted many places. After going through every place carefully, I chose Seva Beauty after reading some detailed reviews. I did not know then that I would be regretting my decision soon.
I went to the place and to be honest, was a bit disappointed. There was a weird smell in the air. When I asked about the smell to a staff member, I was cruelly mocked for not being ‘kind’ (Do you see the irony here?). I decided to not get indulged in stupid fights and go ahead. I met the beautician who was going to do my threading and waxing. I told her about the procedure I got at my older parlour and all about my skin type but she could not have been least interested. She simply told me that she does not care about much as she will see for herself. After taking just a brief look at my face, she told me she would be threading first and waxing second. I did not want to be nosy and so I simply nodded. The threading started. She had a thread in her hand which when touched my face, did not feel like cotton at all. She was careless with it. She applied pressure instead of doing it gently. She plucked a strand of hair so aggressively that the area around the hair turned red. On showing some discomfort, I was told not to be ‘overacting’. The threading was finally done and I was yet to endure half of the pain. The waxing started and the wax used was not appropriate for my skin type as it started itching the moment it was put on. I told the beautician about my discomfort and the reply I got was – “Suck it up and endure a bit”. I wanted the session to be over as soon as possible. Finally, the session ended and it was evident that my face had turned red.
I swore never to return to that place and I never did. My recommendation is to stay miles away from this place if you love yourself and your body.

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