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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I would give anyone the advice to stay away from this company unless you enjoy misery and deception. You can Google Smart Circle or for full details about how this operation is run. This company is an affiliate of Smart Circle. Once you are employed, you are expected to work long hours on your feet with only one day off in a Sam’s Club, selling Direct TV directly to consumers. There is constant rejection in the field, so you must have tough skin order to survive the grueling tasks of harassing people in the store. You will sell Direct TV and in doing so you will earn 100% commission. Of course you are told that you will earn minimum wage for your efforts in the store, but all of that will be clawed back once you start earning commissions. Please read the contracts you are asked to sign. This news is probably the last thing you would expect because during the interview they design it to appeal to who you are and what you are looking to for in a career. Expect lies. I came in to make money, so in my interview the owner talked about the employees that made a load of money working there. He did not reveal that most people in the office did not make that amount of money. In fact, most of them are barely scraping by. There is a very high turnover rate, over 85%, so you will probably meet one or two new people per week, and probably see them disappear the next week. The bottom line is that employees are disposable. If you get suckered into this so-called “opportunity”, you are only there for one reason, and that is to be used. Getting up for those morning meetings, which by the way you are not compensated for, can be irritating because the owner just brags about how much money he has in the bank. That could be encouraging for some, in fact, he needs to do this so the staff, especially the new people (because there are at least two new people per week) won’t “neg-out”. Even with his speech most quit anyway. If you do stay on board there may be weeks where you make no sells at all, no matter what you do to get them. Remember, morning meetings are set up to brainwash the staff that one day they will have their own office and make six figures, when in actuality very few will ever make it to owner, less than 0.01%, and of that 0.01% that do make it, many will still fail. But the cult-like atmosphere will keep this information from surfacing. People who are too smart for the room are discouraged in this environment. You are not compensated for your travel, and sometimes you may carry the burden of driving around other staff members, because they lack their own vehicle. What is more shocking is that the leaders lack their own transportation. Why is that? Is there really a huge money making opportunity here? You get paid per install and not per sale of Direct T.V., although you will get texts of the sales made by the staff in the office and the two offices under it. That is used a tactic to encourage the staff to sell, sell, sell. Prepare for the owner to turn into a hot-headed dictator if sells quotas are not met. You are in for a tongue thrashing if he does not get his way. If you are not a superstar sells person then quit. There is no way you will ever get the opportunity to be owner. Some people never catch wind of this and remain there hoping for the day they will finally realize the dream to have their own business, I feel bad for them because it will never happen. Even if you can sell, if you cannot train someone to sell like you can you will be working for yourself and never enjoy the opportunity promised to you in those morning brainwash sessions. There are many people in the office that fit this description, yet they are blissfully unaware of this fact. You must make sells, otherwise you are history. But don’t worry most people quit, so you probably will not get fired. The training process is a joke. Do not expect to learn anything valuable. The only thing they teach you are the steps and the pitch, after that you are on your own, good luck. During training, a trainer might let you know that you will never out sale them. This typically leads employees to quit. They always mention that if you work hard you will make it to leader and then to owner. However, hard work has only a portion to do with success. Most of the people who make it to leader have the personality that can sell, and that cannot be taught. So work hard if you want, some of the hardest working people will never make the money that few of leaders make. As an owner, the only thing you own is liability and risk. Most owners go out of business because this gets to a point where it is too overwhelming for them. You will probably hear of the many failure stories mentioned by the owner there during the morning brainwash sessions. Ownership is not a walk in the park. Even if you do make it through the grueling seven day work schedule you must work until you have enough resources to allow other people to start to do the labor for you, prepare to hire employees daily and constantly perpetrate lies to your staff about the wonderful opportunities available for them to one day be their own boss. When in reality, markets are limited, and failure in a new market is great. Do you really want to lie to your staff? Would you really want to make a career of this? There is no preparation to become owner at all except for the sales quota and training requirement. Many of those who are to be promoted out to a new location are in the dark about a lot of things associated with ownership. I hear them mention naive things all the time, it depresses me. A lot of deception is what runs this company and keeps it afloat. The truth will sink it, stay away. .

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