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Charged me 700$ for a negligent treatment!!!

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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I owned a dog that was like a dear friend and family to me and I used to take him for a regular checkup to the animal clinic often. Since Seven oaks animal clinic is in our neighbourhood I decided to drop by for my dog’s checkup. This is the most exceedingly terrible spot to bring your young doggie/hound. There’s a repulsive administration and they are overpriced for everything. Vets are not well-educated and awful about giving subtleties and illuminating the patient. A portion of the specialists is loathsome at their specific type of task. The biggest drawback is that they are costly and a portion of the vets act like they are doing a favour by answering your questions. Staff needs to work in their client administration. If I am paying you cash (more than I would in different spots), spending cash on food and medicine in your foundation, you are bound to treat me with civility and regard… same as I gave you when I strolled in your clinic. We were held up an hour to get to the waiting area, got to the examination room and got a checkup by a vet in another extra 45 minutes and were charged triple of the usual charges because of unnecessary tests. I wasted right around 2 hrs for a simple checkup issue. The spot feels like a pet industrial facility! The front work area staff and administrator are somewhat futile. The specialists don\’t appear to care. They even charged me for a procedure they never did. Too many techs at the same time get involved in the procedure which makes the pet uncomfortable. If you sincerely love your pet don\’t bring them here. My dog went in for a straightforward UTI and after all the prescription they gave her, made her entire body weak and fragile. So bringing my dog here shortened her life expectancy and cost me $3000. Make sure to search for a vet that thinks about your pet and not cash. Terrible service misdiagnosed my pet, charged nearly $700 for my visit, recommended drugs the pet did not require. Attempted to upsell on everything, and because of the misdiagnosis, I ended up going to another vet for getting my dog treated. The other vet couldn’t believe that my dog’s dire condition was a result of another veterinary clinic. Dr Clifford fakes to be a caring vet at the Seven Oaks Veterinary Clinic – and the owner is by all accounts dodging clients for as much cash as they can get, with little care or empathy for the client and the pet who is enduring pain. I had to discover another vet to entrust my other Dog\’s health because Seven Oaks is not trustworthy at all. I am going to sue them for misdiagnosing my precious girl. Only if they had paid a little more attention my dog would have been well.

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