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Published: 04 September 2019

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I had a dream of owning a Mini Cooper Countryman even since I was a kid, because of the top-notch speed, automated gear shifts, easy handling and obviously, the looks. I worked day and night to earn the money to buy my dream car. I finally bought the car two years ago. I was a proud owner of the Mini Cooper. Unfortunately, I was down with an accident recently and there was a great deal of damage to my car, my car was at the service center for the last 2 months as it was getting repaired. The only thing left to do was getting my windows tinted. Since this car and a special place in my heart, I had emotions attached to it. I researched the best tint shop in the whole city, after researching for hours online and offline, I found out the Shady Business Window Tinting to be the best in its job. I went to the shop with my car to get the windows done as soon as possible, it’s been months since I last drove my car. I was very excited about the repair.
After explaining my needs to the manager of the shop and telling him the significance of this car in my life, I handed him the keys. I was informed that a text message would be sent my way as soon as the car was repaired. I keenly waited for the day when my car would be the same as of the good old days. 6 days passed and I got now texts from the company. Worried, I called them up from the front to ask them if there’s anything wrong. They informed me that they are extremely busy and the tinting of my car would take another week. I had nothing to do but wait because I had already given the advance sum to the company. I waited for another week and finally, the owner of the shop called me in to get my car back. I was very excited to see my car and ride on it finally.
As soon as I reached, my eyes couldn’t believe what they saw. I saw that there were several scratches on the skin of my car and the color of the window tint was also different than the one I chose. I was very disappointed with the poor service of this company and realized that I made such a big mistake bringing my car here. I was emotionally attached to the car and seeing its condition, I couldn’t hold myself together. I went inside the manager’s room to ask him about the shitty work their mechanic did. He didn’t even accept that it was their mistake and when I told them to show the CCTV footage they excused by saying that the cameras were out of service for a long time. I could not help myself but leave the place immediately to get my car repaired in some other place. I would never suggest the Shady Business Window Tinting to anyone. The place should be shut down as soon as possible.

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