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Published: 16 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

First I got a text from what I believe to be her husband brian,I never did get his first name other than when he was requesting me to email him photos because he could not see the pictures on craigslist.He said he was buying this car for his son because he just got a divorce from his mother and he is taking it pretty hard and he would have to drive from fort worth .His email is (email address removed by admin) . Then he asked would I take $12k for the car and I said yes I wouldbut I think it is sold but wouldnt know for sure until monday .From the begining it all seemed very wrong to me but alot of things do I guess.Now all this above took place on sunday.Shortly after that I got a call from shanelle zimmer residing at 8224 Delafield drive fort worth,tx 76131 asking if I would take $11,200 cash and she could come today which is still sunday and I said yes if you have cash .So shes comes with her father in a big van and they drive the car check it all out which seemed like over an hour.They saw some damage to the hood that I had repaired and said it looks like the car had been in a accident and I said yes it was.I said I had to replace the power steering reservoir ,bumper cover ,1 headlight and the grille.I explained I buy these cars at auction fix them and resell them.Shanelle asked does the car have a clear title and I said yes it does.Clear titles mean there are no lien holders on the vehicle,plain and simple.They never asked does it have a salvage title or a rebuilt.The car is a rebuilt title from a minor accident and thats it.So now we go into my house do the paperwork and she pays me and everyone is happy.I think it was around 9pm that same night shanelle leaves me a message on my phone saying I lied to them and it has a salvage title and demanding her money back or they are going to go the news channels and get a lawyer to sue. (MONDAY NOW) I text them back saying the car has a clear rebuilt title and there is nothing wrong with it.Now after going back thru all my texts and things it becomes evident I got scammed.Mr zimmer wich I will cal brian texts me and says my son really still wants this car still and it has to be the blue ses model.I said well it looks the my original buyers dont want the car anymore and are having buyers remorse and I asked if a rebuilt title was ok with him and he said yes it was he was inly concerned about low mileage and asked if he could put full coverage insurance on the car and I said no you cant.He says my brother is a state farm guy I will call him to see if there is a way wich he says he did and said they could. At this point I believe I have another buyer for the car and am willing to refund shanelle’s money back to her no questions asked because I believe in god and karma.I call her to setup a time we all can meet and transfer everything together.We’ll both parties wich I still believe to be seperate parties both dont want to meet the other people.Brian says he cant make it until about 6-6:30pm and shanelle says she cant drive thru traffic at 6pm with 6 kids. So I call shanelle tell her just to come out and I will refund the money back to her and she says thank you for doing the right thing.We’ll the point is I got scammed into refunding them the money because I thought i had another buyer lined up. I call brian back tell him I understand him not wanting to meet with the other people so I just refunded her money to her and he could come after they leave.He says thats great just give me your address and text me when they leave.Basically I never hear from him again and after thinking about this whole deal its people like this that make the world an evil place to live in.Just remember god is in all of us and you will be judged one day like it or not its coming.

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