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Published: 18 September 2018

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There is a previous report within this site that explains how SHANGHAI INVESTOR GROUP (SIG) operate Our story is quite different as we had our loan approved on Nov 5th, 2013 and on Dec 20th 2013 SIG offered us to pay them just 20% of the total emission cost of both bank guarantees. The whole amount to be paid including all different charges was $ 115,720 and we send an email to their financial director (Samuel Goldsmith) confirming we could send them $ 15,720 on Dec 30th and $ 100,000 on Jan 3rd 2014 so we did as agreed and send the money accordingly. They sent all the papers to be signed from a company called TOTAL IDEAL FINANCE based in Tortola, BVI so we filled all the papers and send them back to them duly signed. The same day the loan should be received they sent us an email confirming that our money was not received in time so the loan could not be done We were shocked of this situation as Mr. Goldsmith pre-aproved both dates and at the end we did not receive neither the loan or our money back. After all this happened in COSTA RICA early in January 2014 the local representatives; Mr. Erasmo Guevara (COSTA RICA) and the representative from America and Spain; Mr. Angel Reyna offered they could finance themselves this payments that should be done but this never came to be true As you may see we did not get our loan neither our money back so at this point we are taking legal actions against the people involved within this fraud. .

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