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Published: 05 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m trying to save the next person from being intentionally deceived and taken advantage of …I placed and order with Shari’s Berries for 6 chocolate covered strawberries for my mom for mother’s day. The order cost $19.99 and the I was given three choices on the shipping charged and even shown a calendar with which day would cost (more for weekends and holidays) so I placed an order to be shipped on a week day to save money. On the calendar, the price showed that the shipping cost was $4.99 so that’s what I clicked on. I was given options to add more but chose not to. I proceeded through all of the other BS offers and chose to pay with PayPal. After I clicking on paypal, I was returned back to the Shari’s Berries website thinking that I would have the chance to look at the final price before confirming the approval of the order but I was oh so wrong! When I came back, I saw that they had thrown in an additional $14.99 shipping fee on top of the $4.99 fee that I was shown. I immediately tried to contact the company with the phone number that they provided on that page. When I called the number, I went through a series of at least seven companies trying to sell me their services and there was no way around it. If I push the wrong button, I would be disconnected. I thought that it would surely come to an end and I would finally be connected to a representative but there was no end in sight and I hung up. I then proceeded to contact PayPal and was connected to a rep within 30 seconds. I explained everything and then placed a fraud report. I then sent Sheri’s Berries an email and explained everything and told them that I had contacted PayPal and was cancelling my order. They responded fairly quickly and just totally disregarded the fact that they had charge me as much for my order as they had to ship the berries ($19.99 + $19.98) and I told them that I would be placing a complaint and will attempt to save other people from making the choice of using their company and being ripped-off royally! If I could just save one person from falling for their scam of a company, I’ll be happy. I wish that I would’ve done my due diligence and researched the company before wasting my time and money! Please don’t fall prey to this highly deceptive company!!! .

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