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What a frightful experience!

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Published: 12 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Fitness is one of the most essential things for a human being. Most of us fail to realize how staying fit helps us in several ways. It not only keeps us agile and healthy, but it also plays a vital role in improving our mental health as well. Being a fitness enthusiast, I decided to change my gym as it had been too long and I wanted to go someplace better and by better, I mean – better trainers, better staff members and better equipment. It took me some time before I finally decided to join Sharp Performance after browsing through the membership plans and its infrastructure. I did not know then that I was making a huge mistake. I paid for the ‘Basic Membership’ and opted for the ‘Basic Single 6 Month’. On the very first day, I could not help but notice a few flaws. The ACs were not working properly, the floor was a bit slippery and the paint on the walls had started coming off. I chose to ignore these problems and focus on my training. I met the trainer and had a talk with him regarding my fitness regime. He had a lot to say about how I should make changes to my routine and I could sense a bit of aggressiveness in his words. My training started and he forced to work more on my legs rather than doing cardio. Consecutively for the next six days, he made me work on my legs and when I suggested a change in the workout pattern, he blasted me off by scolding me and lecturing me about how I should let him do his job. He did not seem to care about my opinions. All he did was order me around. The next week, he told me to divert all my attention to my arms and chest. This continued for another week. One day, while working out with the dumbbells, I cut myself and had to get a tetanus shot as the dumbbells’ edge was rusted. The equipment at my previous gym was far better than the rusted equipment here. One day, I fell off the treadmill because the speed controller suddenly stopped working. Now that I think of it, everything at my previous gym was better. Months passed by and there was still no improvement. My trainer blamed me for this too. He said I was careful enough about my routine and that did not have it in me to become better. I could not believe my ears. Trainers are supposed to make you feel better when you are not feeling good and want to give up. It suddenly hit me that instead of improving, my mental peace is degrading and that is when I decided that I could not take it anymore and quit the gym. I would not recommend Sharp Performance to anyone as nothing about that place is good, be it the trainer, the equipment or the atmosphere. Given a chance, I would turn back time and save myself the torture I went through by being there for four months.

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