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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been dealing with cps in redding california since i was a child so im very familiar with how there system works.. i have 4 children which all of them are involved with oldest two children have been adopted and my younger two are in a guardianship placent with my july of 2004 i gave birth to my daughter cps came to the hosptial where i was and questioned me about how i was doing where i was living who the babys father was etc..there was never a case opened up on me at this time..everything was going good for me and my child no cps involvement or anything.. i ended up pregnant again with my 4th child and during this time i was sick due to the pregnancy..i was getting over whelmed with being pregnant and having to deal with my 2 yr.old at the time who was diagnosed with conduct disorder..i was struggling trying to take care of myself and my two yr old so i called cps to get help on how to deal with what i was going through..i called cps and a worker came out and we sat down and talked about what i was going daughter was then placed in a foster home in order for me to get the rest i needed..the next day my daughter was returned to me..cps used that against me even though i was told by them if i needed help or anything to please call them.. as time went on things were still going good for myself and my two children..i didnt have anymore contact with cps until around 2009..i got a call from a family member who was watching my kids while i dealt with a family emergency that mhy youngest child was in the hosptial..i immediately left the place i was at and ran all the way to the other hosptial because i couldnt get a straight answer out of the nurses or the one who was left in charge of watching my kid..once i arrived at the hosptial i asked to go in the back to see m kid but was told im not allowed..after about 10 mins an officer came out to talk to me letting me know that my kids are being placed in foster care. i was then met by a cps worker and she told me that my kids are being placed into custody due to neglect on my youngest..i went to court and both kids were detained and remained in foster care..i did all my classes like i was ordered to do even though some did not have to do with why my kids were taken..i got my children back and my case was closed..everything was going good no cps calls or anything..easter of 2011 i sent my kids over to my familys house to spend time while i stayed home to rest then meet up with my kids and family for dinner..i got to my familys house and took my youngest for a walk to a friends..we returned at the house and i stepped outside for a cigarette and ended up talking to a friend who came over.around 7-8 we all layed down for bed and everything went well.. next morning came and my other daughter woke me up telling me my youngest was throwing up i immediately got up and picked her up and i noticed she wasnt acting normal so i yelled for my brother in law who happen to be near by he came over and was looking at her he told me to call 911 because she stopped breathing..i called 911 and the paramedics,fire as well as police came..i was questioned by an officer about what happend.i could not answer anything because i was crying and not in my right frame of mind..2-3 mins went by and my sister walked up to me telling me that its possible that she took medication because there was several found on the daughter was taken by ambulance to the hosptial. while there a cps worker came and talked to me but i wasnt able to provide any information because i was not aware of what happend due to me being outside and my kids were inside with 3 other adults. i just told the worker what was said to me about the possibility of her taking the medication..after my child recovered both my kids were placed in foster care and i had to go through classes once again that were court ordered.i finished what was court ordered and kids were placed back with me and things were going good..during the time my kids were in my care i talked to my social worker about my kids staying with family until i was able to get another place due to where we were living it was not safe for young kids it was filled with sex offenders as well as drug worker said that it was ok for them to stay with my kids were living with my family an would come visit me and stay a night then go back to my familys..while staying with me my daughter was bit by bed bugs which i was not aware were even at the motel because i didnt get bit nor did my other kid..once i found out what was biting her i refused to allow my kids to stay over night with me i only let them come over during the day..i was court ordered to do a safe care class at my place.. i was doing it like i was suppose to.i ended up getting migraines due to the heat and my air wasnt safe care worker would call and remind me we had class and i would tell her im ready just have a migraine..the worker said she didnt want to be around me while i was sick and i told her im good you cant catch a migraine i get them when its hot.she ended up not coming and i got dropped fro the class..march of this yr my kids were removed again from me and in my court paperwork it was for the bed bugs,an incident with some man i didnt know who broke into my room several times stealing from me,stalking as well as other things also he hit my daughter..the police were called several times on this person but each time they did nothing.eventually he was arrested placed in prison for life.. when i attend my court hearings im constany being told to shut up you cant talk you have no lawyer doesnt help me with my case hes the main one telling me shut up.hes been convicted of dui so that makes things worse for me because hes not reliable..cps in shasta county lie way to much and get away with it.. .

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