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Don’t be deceived by their website and their online reviews!

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Dwayne

Sheehan Orthodontics has negligent dentists practicing there. Beware!! This place has careless professionals working there who don’t give a damn about your well being. They have no knowledge of their trades and all they do is try to deceive you. They don’t show you the full picture. Instead of trusting those online reviews, ask the locals about their opinion on Sheehan Orthodontics. You’ll get to listen to a completely different story from the locals. This place has a horrendous reputation in the area. And that’s not because it’s old or anything. It’s because of its numerous negligent dentists. I used to visit this place and my experience was terrible. This place has a bunch of medical criminals who have ethics or morals of any kind. I visited this place for about 2 years. I was getting orthodontic treatment for my teenage daughter here. We used to visit this place regularly for the routine checkups for the braces. After spending a fortune on dental visits and braces, we come to find out that the treatment wasn’t successful. They removed the braces and we noticed that my daughter still has a few crowded teeth. I discussed continuing the treatment but according to them, they’ll need to restart. I don’t get the point, WHY?! Why would you want to restart a treatment when it’s already underway? Apparently, this way, they can charge me extra because the treatment is restarting. They are blaming my girl for the failure of the treatment. According to them, it’s her fault and she didn’t follow the guidelines properly. They are all LIES!!! Those people are doing nothing now except lying. They made my girl feel as if it’s all her fault. She was the one wearing braces for these years and she was following all the guidelines sincerely. These people have no heart whatsoever. They think it’s okay to blame a kid than accepting their own faults. I find such behavior utterly disgusting and shameful. They run a clinic for God’s sake, can’t they at least have some decency or decorum? I mean, first, they did a terrible job with my daughter’s orthodontic treatment. Then, instead of accepting their faults, they just started putting the blame on the kid. What kind of professionalism is this? I’m never going back to Sheehan Orthodontics. The place is clearly messed up and requires an overhaul. They need to remove a lot of staff and do an evaluation of their values. The number of negligent doctors there is quite high. So I don’t think they can improve that by anything else other than firing some staff. For you, I’d suggest staying away from Sheehan Orthodontics. This place is complete hell. After spending years in checkups and treatments, my daughter still has to get braces and get a different orthodontic treatment. These people know nothing about orthodontics. I don’t want you or anyone else facing the level of agony I felt. It’s better to keep a distance from these people.

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