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all I got was a treatment from some rookie dentist

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Published: 03 May 2019

Posted by: Pamela

I’d thought I wouldn’t share my experience here but after all the pain and the shitty treatment I got there, I believe it’s important others are aware of Shefferman Orthodontics’ true face. The place is F*CKED UP! The place has no sense of management and it clearly doesn’t treat its patients properly. The dentist here, Dr. Shefferman is a cold and depraved person. He is too selfish to care about his patients. From the website and the review, one might think that the place is wonderful. Even I had fallen prey to those lies! I thought they were some amazing people who believe in treating customers. I’ve had a crappy experience with another orthodontist so I’m always skeptical to try some new dentists. I had moved to Washington D.C. a few months back. And I was looking for a good dentist. When I searched for a dentist in Washington, I came across this place. Online, the place looks promising and so I set an appointment there. When I got there on the designated time, I had to wait for around 80 or 90 minutes (one and a half hour) when the receptionist finally told me that ‘Sorry sir but Dr. Shefferman can’t see you right now’. I was baffled. I asked couldn’t she tell me that before I had wasted more than an hour sitting there? She said she thought the doctor would be free soon but he didn’t seem to be free for some time. I asked her if he knew of my appointment. She avoided the question. What kind of dentist is that? She set another appointment and told me that the doctor would be there. I still went. On my second visit, I finally get to see the dentist. He did a routine check-up and told me that I should get the cleaning done. He also pointed out that I had a cavity. I thought that was an ok diagnosis until I went to the payment area. They were charging me in advance for the treatments! I didn’t mind then but the problem arose when I went there for the treatment. HE WAS F*CKING ABSENT!! Just like my first visit, this Dr. Shefferman wasn’t available to see me. When I asked a lot of questions the receptionist called him and he referred me to some other unknown dentist. Now that was way over the line. First, this guy took money from me for the treatment. Then, he didn’t come for the treatment. And after that, he just referred me to some other dentist. I had already paid them so I asked for a refund. They told me they’ll talk to the dentists there I wouldn’t have to worry. I got my treatment there but truth be told, the place was cheap. It certainly wasn’t worth the money I paid to this so-called Dr. Shefferman. I’m aware these guys duped me. I was supposed to get my treatment from Dr. Shefferman and all I got was a treatment from some rookie dentist. I want my money back!

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