Shelley Day, MD

Dr. Shelley cost my sister her power of vision. Criminals!

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: John

THEY ARE CRIMINALS! She can no longer see through one of her eyes and it was because of the wrong diagnosis made by Dr. Shelley. If she hadn’t made that mistake, my sister would still have the ability to see through that eye. Now it’s beyond repair. My sister recently told me that she was having trouble seeing through one of her eyes. She complained about vision problems so I took her to Austin Retina Associates. This place seemed like a really professional and well-maintained one. The website was also decent. The staff here is also really genuine and helpful. The only problematic thing here is the presence of Dr. Shelley Day. She is a negligent, incompetent and terrible doctor. She shouldn’t be allowed to perform any procedures or do anything. They are putting the health of their numerous patients at risk by allowing such incompetent doctors to work here. She is a lazy person who doesn’t care about the health of her patients. She had done the checkup of my sister and she had advised her to start eating healthy. According to her my sister wasn’t having any vision problems and there must’ve been some other underlying cause for her difficulty. She asked me if my sister was an alcoholic or something like that. I told her no. My sister and I were really relieved to find out that she didn’t have any serious problems. But my sister said she was still having some difficulty. Dr. Shelley had told us that it was nothing and if it was, then it must’ve been something temporary. I can’t believe that she did such a big mistake. The way these guys market themselves, I couldn’t even imagine them to be this incompetent. My sister struggling with that issue and we ended up going to another eye doctor. There, we found out that she was suffering from retinal detachment. The detachment was a serious issue and it was causing her a lot of difficulty in seeing things through that eye. The issue had worsened and the doctors told us that it was beyond repair. My sister lost sight in one eye. She can’t see through that eye anymore. The negligence of Dr. Shelley cost her eyesight. She can’t get vision back in that eye. And it’s so disheartening and disastrous. My sister was constantly complaining about that eye and it was me who didn’t listen to her. I thought the doctor was right and that she was just overreacting over a temporary issue. Who knew she’d lose the power of vision in one of her eyes. We also found out that the problem had worsened over time, which means when we had gone to Dr. Shelley, she could have treated this issue. But she was so careless that she didn’t even bother to check my sister’s eyes properly. She is a pathetic professional and criminal. Don’t visit this clinic. You might also lose eyesight. I know you wouldn’t want that.

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