Shelter Cove Marina

I was disappointed with the poor display of fireworks and the lack of management to this event.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Shelter Cove marina sounds a great idea but when you get to the resort you see a different side of this place. I expected to see lots of people around the area, but it was quiet and most of the stores were closed. The strong bad smell didn’t allow me to go further to explore other opened stores. The poorly presented store had fungi on the walls and that gave it the horrible stench. I expected a happy and lively atmosphere and I got nothing of that. At Shelter Cove marina I did not get top-notch service. I got bored with the lack of entertainment and staff members wandered around the stores with boredom and were unhappy. The marina has no entertainment and is not a place for kids. Adults like to shop but at Shelter Cove marina there aren’t many shops to offer customers excellent service. A lack of sales and items in the small souvenir store did not make my experience enjoyable. Nothing at Shelter Cove marina was what I had expected. The unfriendly staff walked around the store bored. Shelter Cove marina don’t entertain all ages. I was disappointed at Shelter Cove marina for their lack of customer’s service, their communication skills and the poor selection of items at stores. There aren’t many restaurants to choose from and is not a place to relax and stroll around for fun not much of entertainment in the day or at night. I don’t see anything nothing special about Shelter Cove marina except for the boats that come in and leave the small marina.

A fee of $10 is charged to enter the area and this a negative side for stores to improve on their businesses. It is at a high cost for not much to see around the marina. At Shelter Cove marina, there is a lack of excellent customer’s service and poor-quality food at restaurants. The not so busy stores don’t make daily sales. Staff members are bored at their jobs and don’t have happy faces. They lack management training skills and are not pleasant to shoppers. I felt a need to be around the Shelter Cove marina for a day and did not enjoy the day. Prices are high at restaurants and stores and the extra fee to paid to enter the area keeps customers away from shopping at Shelter Cove marina.

It is a less than average place to visit and not worth to spend money at Shelter Cove marina. I did not get my money’s worth of entertainment from Shelter Cove Harbour. The lack of customer’s care and service disappointed me. I did not what I deserved from Shelter Cove marina. I won’t recommend Shelter Cove marina, it is a less than average spot, and I want to avoid customers to have the same bored and unpleasant experience as I have experienced at this marina.

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