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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

. A warning about the quality of DVR car cameras from Shenzhen Givoe Technology Co., Ltd. in China In this warning, I seek to show that Givoe; 1) Do not actually make the car cameras they sell, despite claiming that they do, that they farm the work out and buy in from another real manufacturer. 2) Fraudulently sell seconds / second hand items as new. 3) Do not honour their guarantees. 4) Commit tax fraud on a wholesale scale and therefore anyone buying from Givoe are at substantially increased risk of having any shipment from them seized when the items arrive in their country. I (my UK company) made the BIG mistake of buying a large quantity of K6000 Car Cameras from Shenzhen Givoe Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. When the shipment arrived, Givoe had, without my request / permission, under-declared the Customs value by 60%. I was furious. Givoe said that they did this automatically because all of their customers wanted this. I immediately contacted HMRC (British Customs) and informed them that the shipper, Givoe, had falsely declared a much lower amount on the invoice with the shipment. HMRC informed me that I was very lucky to contact them when I did, as they were about to hold / seize the shipment until I (my company) provided proof of payment (of that exact low amount), that I / my company would have been prosecuted had paid the falsely calculated duty / VAT amount, and that all shipments from Givoe are scrutinized because they have a history of duty and tax fraud. The false declarations by Givoe caused us a week of delays in getting the product. Once the product reached our distribution facility in the UK, we sold the car cameras both via our own sales channels and on eBay. Almost immediately, we started getting complaint, returns and negative feedback because many of the car cameras were scratched / scuffed, clearly looking second hand, and the packaging also clearly was not new. Either Shenzhen Givoe Technology Co., Ltd had a terrible manufacturing line and non-existent quality control, or they had deliberately defrauded us by sending us second hand goods. When we complained to Givoe, they originally said that they would replace the units, but later they even reneged on that. We actually demanded compensation, because we had to pay out a lot in postage and return postage costs. In fact, we made a loss on the entire shipment from Shenzhen Givoe Technology Co., Ltd because their units were so shoddy. We said that we were not prepared to send the units back at our own cost (they claimed they would reimburse us), not did we want replacement units as we were no longer able to accept from from Givoe. We asked for a full refund of all the affected units and also for Givoe to pay for and send their own courier to collect the return units. We simply did not believe that we would get our shipping costs back if we were foolish enough to pay a courier to deliver them back to Givoe. When we asked for their directors to contact us, to discuss the issues, they stone walled us. We never received any reply from them again. We have absolutely no doubt that if we had returned the many shoddy units that a) we would never have got replacements / a refund, b) we would never have got our shipping costs reimbursed, c) that the units would then be sold to some other poor unsuspecting buyer. Truly, avoid Shenzhen Givoe Technology Co., Ltd like the plague. .

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