Sherry spencer

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Sherry spencer is one of the richest home wreckers we have

Sherry Spencer is a typical rich bitch that gives no second thought before destroying someone’s home. This woman spends most of the year at her vacation home located in Whitefish, Montana. She stays here alone, away from her husband, where she uses her unending wealth to lure good-looking guys into relationships with her. She is a white supremacist and thinks that she can be with or buy anybody. She is the mother of the famous neo-nazi Richard Spencer. My husabnd was working at her construction site once. During that time he would always say that he has extra work in the evnings and would stay for late at the site. I found out really late that this woman was sleeping with my husband and she was actually paying him for spending that extra time with her and for sleeping with her. I guess she liked him due to his aryan looks and because he has blue eyes and blonde hair. This nazi bitch has ruined my life forever. She didn’t think of his family before buying my husband.
Stay away from her and do not let your boyfriend or husband to work for her, under any circumstances. She will eat up your man in exchange for money!

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