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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: suruchi naik

[protected] in this number someone call me and tell that u r register in…thn i told that, “yes”…so they tell one amount and tell me this amount is nly for creating a code…and we give u job interviews thn…u got a job…n all things tell also tell that its refundable. thn i gv them but some call come n they also they tell that u r selected for this job n again for verification u gv some finally i tell them i donot want job…u just return me the money…thn thy ignore me n finaly tell after some days it will be back… but finally nothng will b happend… so help me to get my money…n i suggest all tht, “noone can do it again”…

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Michal F Keshen-Philips

As a marriage and family therapist, my goal is to assist you individually, as a couple, and/or as a family to move forward towards a

Elizabeth Williams

This is the email script used by the scam artist. It has been used many times over the years. The scam likely originates in Nigeria. The

American Credit

This company is a total ripoff!! I asked them if I could mail my payments, they told me NO an they only take credit card info. The first

Capital Inn Motel

My adult son who has mental illness and I rented a room that was bed bug infested. I have been bit severely and have recieved medical

Shauna Bispham

If you want change in your life, I can help. I believe everyone has the strength and courage within themselves to find the “answers&

Holiday Cruise Line

I entered for a free cruise on Facebook. There was no mention of having to pay port taxes immediately upon being told i won the cruise.

Christopher J. Fichera

Choosing the right therapist is so important if one is to achieve his/her therapeutic goals. Not all therapists are equally trained or

Deshawn Baker

I have known Shawn Baker for a number of years. He comes across as a very polite, humble and hardworking father. Do not be fooled. In the