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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Beware when shopping at Jewlery listed as 14k gold. FAKE I recently spent close to $200.00 bidding on 14K gold jewelry. One of the pieces was a 7″ 14K gold heart link bracelet (from goodwill of North Central Wisconsin). The descritpion said the jewelry was marked 14k gold (which it was) They also said the bracelet was tested for gold content and it tested positive for 14k gold. When I received the bracelet the first thing I did was run a magnet over it. It stuck to the magnet. I took it to a pawn shop who also tested it applying the solution directly to the bracelet. If the jewelry is true 14k gold there will be no reaction. When they applied the testing solution to the bracelet the solution ate the gold plating off the bracelet and turned it black. It was fake. Obvisiouly they are just claiming to have tested it. Another scam they will typically use to get you to bid on “14K gold” jewelry is that they will tell you it is marked 14K gold but not tested. If you ever see this on any of their listings stay away from it. Its fake and they know it so they just tell you they are listing it as it is marked. I used to trust Goodwill to do the right thing. I have lost a lot of money buying fake 14K gold jewlery on the website. I will never shop there again. .

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