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Please stay away from Shoreline Periodontics and most importantly Dr. Gregory A. Toback.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently made an appointment with the Shoreline Periodontics and to Dr. Gregory A. Toback. I must say the dentist was not at all fit to practice upon his profession. I would like to start with the over-crowded place in the lobby itself. Even after making appointments I had to wait for an hour to get in the doctor’s room. The appointment was only a concern of formality, the ones who came before I, went in and had their check-ups done. It was unknown to me until another person told me to sign in virtually. Finally, I staff member with no smile came into the lobby and shouted my name to be called in.
As soon as we got into the doctor’s room, another staff member without any expression greeted me with a ‘hello‘ and asked me several questions regarding my insurance and payments. I could only proceed with my treatment if I pay the money of the x-ray in advance. I paid them the due amount and finally proceeded to the x-ray room. After the x-ray was done I was again told to wait outside, I waited for another 40 minutes for my reports to arrive. As soon as the x-ray came they called me in and showed me the affected area along with the pricing of every specific treatment. The doctor then asked me to choose any one of them, basically, I chose the one with an average price tag. After scribbling in his laptop for about 10 minutes, he informed me that the material (porcelain) for this treatment was not available at the moment so I had to choose an expensive one from the list.
He finally proceeded with the replacement of my dental crowns and after for about 1 hour he finally put me off and made the payments, I still felt difficulty recognizing if the same tooth was pulled out and fixed, but the doctor must have done the right thing. As soon as I left the clinic and proceeded towards my car, one of the staff members came running to me and informed me that the doctor was calling me in again right now. I being confused went to him to know what the matter was. He then informed me that I had to undergo the whole procedure again! I was in a shock and asked him the reason behind it, to which he told that he pulled out the other teeth and left the infected one on its place. I was very much disappointed with him. He wasted my whole day and now I had to undergo the surgery once again just because of his carelessness. I would always choose any other doctor rather than Dr. Gregory. He takes a lot of time with a patient and making appointments from before is a total waste as they check their patient on a virtual basis. The treatment you were going to opt for would probably be unavailable and you will be ending up choosing the most expensive treatment from the chart.

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